Friday, September 19, 2014

well hey hey!! how's Hari Malaysia for everyone? I hope you guys had a gooood long weekend! i had a good one since we had this small breakfast bridal shower for our very own amoi, Via! ♥

funny is..amoi was tricked that we are having the bridal shower at some cafes (well almost!) when I drove around for almost 10minutes so that the rest of the girls are ready ;) and Alhamdulillah they did! unfortunately, Shoe has pinky eyes and Id has flew off to Brighton *sad*sad* but it's ok. For our bubbly Via, we had a small celebration for her upcoming WEDDING!!

can you believe it,V? You are finally gonna be Mrs Hazly! ( our prayers are answered!) ♥ ♥ haaaa...

yums! our little breakfast from CBTL (of course!) haha 
when you want the yummiest and not kedekut with ingredients dessert, please seek for Farah Nadziah! ♥ so sedapp!!
that special little corner ♥
yours truly with bride-to-be!

wefie!! haha this is funny! ♥
all of us ♥  we miss u shoe, alia and idrina =)
hazly is one lucky lad! ;)
ahh i'm gonna miss our silly times :(
sayf irfan's writing sweet wishes for Aunty V (writing his name by the way ;P)

and before we say farewell to Via being single! weeee~!!
and today, is the last day V as a single laydeeee!! we wish you all the happiness V! and we will see u tomorrow in your gorgeous nikah dress! yeayy!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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