Saturday, August 30, 2014

alhamdulillah, it's our first anniversary today! =)  time passed like a superjet hehe..we are blessed with every blessings Allah gave us. I am thankful we are still standing fact stronger ( In Shaa Allah) with all the rizq He gave us. we have our new car, new home (soon,In Shaa Allah), food on our table and clothes to put on. I have never felt this so much love inside me and all this happiness He grant us. Allahu akbar. Thank you =)

For our first anni (and In Shaa Allah for many many more ) we went for a small getaway in the city ♥ I'm just this city girl who just wanna have her vacay in the city lah! haha! well actually, husband has to work on our anniversary..booo hoooo! (but he surprised me. he DID not go to work, in fact, he did his work from home) yeayy!! so, we woke up super late, did our laundries and off we go!

We had our short getaway in Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur. It was just the way we want it :)  cosy and intimate. Since the hotel is situated in the KL Sentral, so we could see buildings all around us. I don't know why, but I love being in the middle of the city and watch it from the hotel room. Makes me feel like I'm not in KL. (haha!)

i loveee the window! it's like my dream house *hints*
comel je buat2 tengok phone :") *my bambam*
i love this shot! husband is so good with taking photos! :")
just the two of us ♥
my mes-mraz ♥
elevator selfie ♥

Dinner date ♥
i'm a happy girl with a happy pasta =)
husband & wife ♥

hello hubby (^3^)
alhamdulillah.we are one ♥
thank you for the lovely evening sayang ♥
we went to the pool after dinner but it was really cold!! brrrr...
hehe it's OOTN from us :")
husband is wearing top to toe : Polo & @timberlandmy
yours truly : scarf by @bokittahijab , dress & purse by @milkteenu ♥
 we stayed at Le Meridien for a night. (Thank you SPG, the bed is like a dream bed where I soaked inside the bed and went deep to sleep right after a WHOLE lot of food for dinner.hehe..)

the next day, we went for a short walk in the KL. since it was Merdeka, we could here horns everywhere.ahhh... Malaysians.. you're so LIVELY! ;o) since we are in KL, so first thing popped up my mind was LOKL Coffee Shop. This cute little cafe by Cheryl Samad.We had a  freshly brewed Kopi Susu and I had the scrumptious bagel & bacon. SEDAPPPPPnyaaaa!! ♥ and husband had the yummiest scramble eggs. Two thumbs up for LOKL Coffee Shop. Definitely will come again ♥

trying to pull husband into eating clean. haha kesian muka cam taknak tapi LICIN =P
that will be husband's yummy breakfast omnomnom

can you see me? =D
pretty interior rightt!! they have a small hotel beside this shop.reminds me of B&B ♥

outside the shop..u have to walk down Jalan Tun H.S Lee to find it.  They have cool signage, you won't missed it ;)
after a very heartful breakfast.. we went back to our hotel before checking out and headed to Summernats 2014! will update on that soon. pretty much, that was our little anniversary celebration. Happy anniversary to my dear husband. ♥ ♥ Till death do us part, love.. and till Jannah we will be..In Shaa Allah.. may you guide me to Jannah..ameen ya rabb ♥ much love xx

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

this is my current favourite little girl. so manja and suka gaduh with me. She's turning 6 this Saturday! masha Allah time flew man! sucha sweetheart ♥ next year dah darjah satu. take care my little girl. you will always be my favourite xoxo

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

first week of Raya, I got a whole week off. Some of my good friends are back at the office and some are still celebrating Raya in kampung. I promised Farah to get herself a good massage before she delivers her on the fourth day of Raya, we managed to book a slot at 11.30am at the Urban Retreat Spa (it was my second spa too! with my friends ;) ) so since via is getting married soon..i decided to grab her along so we could have some pampering time together (I just got back from an 8 hours drive from I deserve a gooood massage)

I didn't know that you could have a massage during pregnancy (and I was really worried to see farah's big tummy!! takut terexplode je..because her last pregnancy, she was overdue and the Irfan came out after we had dinner the night before.scary!hehe)

that's us waiting for our turn =)
shhhh..mama needs a massage ;)
with ma mama farah ♥
farah and via! ♥ luvluv
best pregnancy massage! ♥ wass soooo sooothingggg ♥ alhamdulillah..we are all satisfied! we came out looking like we just woke up from a deep sleep! haha! but thanks girls! I know u girls needed this as much as I did =P

ahhhh...our rejuvenated face =) beaming with love haha

nothing can outglow Farah's glowing face ^pfftt^
after a nice body massage we went for a sushi sesh! AHHHHHH my superlong overdue sushi. I miss you soo much!! (haaa..emo tak? sebab menahan kesabaran nak makan sushi nak dekat sebulan lebih! T__T ) so we had our sushi dose at Sushi Zanmai at 1 Mont Kiara =)

can you see that HAPPY FACE?! ♥
thank you girls!! I hope you both had a good time. Via, we (the breakfast gang still owe you a bridal shower!) I hope we could make it on time before your big day! 30 days to go! tick tock tick tock! ♥

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

on the 5th of Syawal, Acit decided to invite some of his friends for small gathering. While I on the other hand decided to invite few of my ssp friends too. but most of them are working though :(  Alhamdulillah some managed to make it! Thanks fizz, shila and nuren for coming for my small makan-makan.

at first I could not think of what to cook. well, the initial plan was to cook spagetti. (cooking 101 with bimbo) and maybe order some suddenly,since i have so many spagettis at home..I suddenly decided to google for Laksa Johor recipe! :P and the rest is history! was my first time doing looking for the ingredients was like a goose chase. very memeningkan

with only few shops were open at the market, alhamdulillah we managed to get almost all of the ingredients. And guess what is crazier?? We were out of gas!! dang! this crazy not a domestic goddess me is getting all nerve wreck. with my sister started to call me at 1130am and telling me she's coming at 12! what?? I have not start cooking YET!

but everything went well..alhamdulillah..the gas guy came and delivered our gas and I was truly glad that my sister came. she really helped me a LOTTTTT!! I started to pacing up and down the kitchen checking the recipe ON MY PHONE haha! Alhamdulillah the laksa was a success (not sure gonna repeat again or not.tideous!) and Acit ordered some satay and I did cook some spagetti too just in case the little kids want to eat it.. my friends came after Friday prayers and Acit's friends came later after 5pm. although it was not a BIG open house, it was our first time having people coming over to our humble home :D In Shaa Allah I will make another makan-makan soon (when I learned how to cook rendang and soto hehe) Do come anytime peeps. My house is always open, maybe just hari raya cookies on the menu, but at least we could lepak and drink some coffee.home made :)

kuah laksa johor in the making. (nervous gila nyahhh)
first guest of the day, my sister :)
that will be my happy guest who lovess my spagetti.haha
the foodie police :D
my two out of three besties! the other one left for Abu Dhabi :(

chunkie munkie and nathania! nathania so cute!!
us girls ♥

i like this photo! comel je si adra and nathania ♥

pehhh ayah mithali ni wehhh

comel fiza tengah gossip :D

thank you for coming chunkie ♥

mummy came too! ♥
ma familia ♥
that will be acit's friends :)
sani tido.. Zzzz
these guysss....
we had a great time having all of you at our place. Thanks to mister for inviting his friends so i can tag and invite few of my friends too :) hope to have more crowd soon..hmm maybe we need to hire a caterer.. doing this all alone really freaked me out! haha have a nice Syawal everyone! I am still in Raya mood! so who's next? ;) xx

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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

I hope it's not too late to wish a happy hari raya to all my muslims friends and readers (ada ke?) hari raya was awesome. This is my first year to celebrate my Eid in Kajang and Semenyih =) on the evening we then went straight back to Kelantan (yes, we drove at 4pm and reached somewhere around 1230pm *sweats*) alhamdulillah we reached Kelantan sound and safely :)

so here's my Raya photo (stoked!) ^__^

heading to mak's house
with mak at atuk's
raya at atuk's
in Kelatan! :) us siblings and in laws. complete. family ♥
me and encik in Teratai #nd4fv
selfus! ♥
there you go. my hari raya in a short 3 days celebration. alhamdulillah, it was a really beautiful day to meet all my cousins, aunties, and relatives (near or far) yeayy!! and so, this week..the OPEN HOUSE begins! yikes =)

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