Tuesday, July 01, 2014

haaa..don't get me wrong. this is not the Russian committee KGB haa..hehe we went to KGB in Jalan Telawi that day. Azz has been telling about this place over and over. Farah and I was literally drooling everytime she mentions it :P

so finally on few weekends back,we finally got our hands on KGB! Killer Gourmet Burger! oh my! the burgers are the bomb weeehhhh!!

that beef spiked definitely spiked me!
kimchi fries the bomb!!
us and fanfan! ♥
yours truly :") ♥
we will definitely come again to this place before farah's baby pops out ..hehe sedapppp!! and I will definitely bring mister here too! so have a blessful Ramadhan peeps! and enjoy the picture ;P much love xx

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