Friday, July 18, 2014's the third week of Ramadhan and what did I missed? I think I will start to miss Ramadhan again in no time :'( Alhamdulillah this year, the first day of Ramadhan fell on the very same date with my birthday! :)

And this year, I finally turned into another series of life. the 3 series! :P I don't feel any differences when it comes to age. haha (living in denial) but i do feel a wee bit out of energy. sometimes. metabolism rates declining.and sleeping as early as 10:30! bullocks! i can no longer hold my eyes wide awake until clock strikes 12.I think it would be miracle if I'm still up at 12am..hahaha i am getting old huh? :P

so last June, we had a small makan-makan with the usual suspects at Citrus BVII. Azz and Nadz celebrated both Via and mine's birthday. Alhamdulillah we are blessed with these two beautiful moms :) i got chocolates from Via and cute lil dinner purse by Azz ♥ thank you ladies!!

i truly appreciate all these cute gestures the girls always give me. They are always there whenever I need them and I am truly blessed to celebrate this beautiful age with them. Alhamdulillah..and after meeting the's Mister's turn to treat me! yeayy!! since my birthday is on the First of Ramadhan so mister promised to treat me a small celebration at my favourite cupcake shop, + Wondermilk!

Had my all time favourite butterscotch milk and California Chicken Sandwich! Omnomnomnom..and of course some cupcakes for the birthday girl ♥ the usual Foxy Red, Kiss Chesse, Flourless Chocolate and salted caramel luvluv!

after a quick bite and courting session (haha! we are still newly weds ok!) we headed straight to One Utama for Transformers : Age of Extinction with my siblings and nephews! :) :)

we definitely had a great time that day.and I truly blessed with all the love they gave me.and the next day, first day of Ramadhan, daddy bought few slices from Secret Recipe to celebrate my 30th birthday. *bless* Syukur..syukur... Thank you all for the warm wishes and In Shaa Allah may Allah bless all of your kindness too ♥ much love *thirtyandstillsexy* ^ ^ xoxo

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