Friday, June 13, 2014

hey peeps!! it's fridayyyy (again!) i realized that I usually update my posts on Fridays :) i guess it's because I am superbly thankful that I am still alive to have a good air to breathe, a great family to love, a handsome husband to go back to and good food to eat.. yummers! Alhamdulillah..

but I have left my Freeletics for almost 3 weeks now because I have a prolonged menses (story of my life) but I am thankful to Dr. Khamsiah from An Nur for treating me well. and thank you to my darling husband to accompany me to the clinic and decided to take a day off :)

so, I just realized that I am starting to feel lemau! do you know what is lemau? Hahaha.. lemau a.k.a not enthusiastic, not excited, not happy and not energetic for almost a month. No. nothing to do with berbadan dua ( i will be happy to let you know if I 'am' having a baby ok :) ) no worries! it's just me with my weird hormones. So, anyways, the only way for me to be out of my lemau.. I LOVEEEE going to the mall! haha..retail therapy.. :) ♥ ♥ ♥ i am good enough to just walk around the mall..without getting any damages done. it's just the way how to see nice things in the clothes look good on, how comfy the shoes are..but all will just remain in the shops (selamat duit!)'s like the sense of belonging towards all the things in the mall! ahhh..the perks of being a woman. you just could not be separated from the sense of belonging (LOL)

but if i did not have the time to get to the mall. i loveeee running. A nice whole 45 minutes or an hour run will give me the highest satisfaction in my life (and among other 'satisfactions' of couse.if you know what i mean :P)  ah..i really miss running! i think i'm gonna get a good run tomorrow with dear husband. our belly are way bigger when we are singles. HAHAHA..since Ramadhan is just around the corner..lets get ourselves fit enough to face the Ramadhan. In Shaa Allah :) so what's your therapy? xx

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