Thursday, June 19, 2014

hey peeps! ahhhh..finally it's the World Cup fever! haha..are u having a gooooood sleep lately? I DON'T! man! since I have a 'permanent' house mate now,I did watch the first few matches. Plus, I was actually waking up for sahur :) alhamdulillah dah siap ganti dah puasa semua. how about you?

so this one fine day..i was in a mood of cooking curry.boy, i am not pretty good in the kitchen but sometimes I cook. like 4 to 5 days in a week. or sometimes just twice.hehe depends on my mood. anyway, as i was about to cook curry. You know, I am now in my not so new rented house (it's gov's) so I'll be staying here for at least one year and half. I do have all my kitchen necessities unpacked. I got my herbs for my pastas, my flour for my sometimes baking, and also my curries! You name it, I have all types of curry. I bought this one yummy curry for beef and chicken from Allagappa's . It's yummy i tell you! but this one fine day, totally changed the history!

I was about to cook, I have my curry powder usually stored in the kitchen cabinet (strike one!) and I usually tied the packet with the IKEA Food Clipper (strike two!)

so USUALLY it's really tightly tied together and properly sealed. (yeahh..right!) sooo..what I did was. I was super hungggrrryy..but I really really wanna have curry. so, I started off with sautéing the red onions and getting all excited (and hungry of course) I directly poured the curry powder INTO the pot (strike three!) ..and urmm.. yes, I forgot to mix it with water first. And so as my potatoes are getting soft, and my chickens are nicely tendered. And boy I was excited because I just bought the chicken cutlets from the fresh market. I definitely was generous with the chicken cutlets. I put in half chicken! ;P

So every procedures was right. The curry powder was browned and everything tasted sooo gooodd mannn!! (I did taste it few times in case it gets weird.haha) so here's the best part..while I was stirring the curry in the pot..I saw these few black beaded like mustard/biji sawi. Sometimes I saw these biji sawi in fish curry. So i just kept on stirring and told myself , 'Bagus kari ni..ada siap biji sawi' (i'm out!) and that's when everything went from bad to worse!!

So the rice's cooked. Prepared everything on the table..and boy,this chicken curry is the bomb wehhh!! and I actually asked my husband's permission to start eating first while he was preparing his ikan masin. so as I was eating, he asked me 'Ni ape ni B? (pointing at the black seeds a.k.a mustard) I answered bluntly, 'Biji sawi..' and I kept on HALF the plate already man! and husband was smart enough and decided to put aside the seeds because he doesn't like mustard anyway. When suddenly I felt something is not right....

I went to the kitchen, took the same curry powder and decided to check if they have the mustard included.. and yup. it does. so i keep on eating..but husband was still suspicious when I suddenly screamed! Pointing at the curry powder in the bowl.. "EEEEEeeee biji tu bergerak lah yang!!!! HIDUP!!" and boy, my husband was jumping off the chair. Shocked! I was shocked too!!! YOU TELL ME THIS NOW?? he said.."Bb, masak camne ni..kenapa tak check??? Sayang pun rasa tak logik ada biji sawi dalam kari B!!!!"  OH MY GOD!! It was actually insects!!!! and there we plenty of them!!!! ahhhhh..can u believe it?? I actually swallowed  bubuk!!! (bubuk is like an insect that usually in an abandoned powder,flour,rice etc) EWWWWW rightt?? Masha Allah..I was totally not in the mood to eat right away. I wanna puke, but I can't. But I do believe those 'extra protein' was pretty dead when I cooked them.. :'(

so down the drain, all you go pretty yummy curry and my fresh chicken cutles too :(  my husband terus tak lalu makan! hahahah aduhh that was like the WORSE lesson learnt weh!! I called my mom and whatsapped the picture of the thing in the curry..

yup those are definitely not mustards ey *cries!* my husband thought I was the one who puts the mustard inside while cooking curry before that, and I on the other hand thought that the mustard was included in the curry powder from the place!! HAHAHAHAHAHHA aduuhhhh..ape punya suri rumah lah aku ni?!! I am soo not gonna use that IKEA clip again! well, actually my mom told me that I should store all the curry powders in the refrigerator from the VERY FIRST PLACE. padan muka! sorry sayang, I hope you don't have cirit birit! hehehe..but alhamdulillah, none of us were effected from the curry. Those little thing was not consumed at a large amount :P so I guess we survived. ^fewh^ so that was my curry embarrassing but I just hope that it will not happen to you people out there too ok. But if it did, don't worry, Bubuk is protein too ok! haha :P much love xx

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