Thursday, April 24, 2014

i'm not a writer. i'm not even good in my essay during high school ( i recall having lela to remind me by Miss Shal to put full stop in my essay cause I tend to make a sentence without putting a stop.haha! talking about chitty chatty girl ;P ) ^^ may Allah bless Miss Shal and husband..and protect them from harm and may Allah ease their hardship while in custody.^^ may Allah protect her children too ^^

anyways, I watched a good movie last night with mister. We watched "The Words" and it was on 8tv. It was a story about a writer writing about a writer who writes about another writer's writing. HAAAA... faham tak? ^^ hehe..well the story started off with a writer giving a speech on his recent book. The Words. And inside his book was a story about a writer, who was very ambitious but was not lucky with his writings. His book was not published because it was not good enough. He could not get his book to be published, but he managed to get a job in a publishing company. He keeps on writing but nothing came through. He was close to giving up when he decided to marry his long term girlfriend and went to Paris for honeymoon. In Paris, they went to small streets and came upon an antique shop where he found a briefcase with unpublished writings. He started to read the writings and he decided to rewrite it.So he went back to America and he started to retype the whole writings and he asked for his boss (where he work at in a publishing company), and asked him a favour to read up his 'typing'. His boss finally read the writings and agreed to help him to publish the book. His book "The Window Tears" became a hit and he even won an award for his book. Until one day, an old man came up to him and asked him about his book. And he was baffled when he found out that the old man was the owner of the writings he found in the briefcase while he was in Paris. Ahaa.. the rest..u should watch the movie! It was quite a catch. I was glued in front of the TV for the whole two hours! ;)

^^ when he found the briefcase in Paris^^

^^ he felt guilty when the book was published and confront the old man to forgive him^^
Photos courtesy of
if you're in a mood to watch. Do find the CD at Speedy or maybe you can read the book! have fun reading (& watching) ;)  ^^ Specially dedicating this movie to Nadiah (Purplelurve) because I know you like good movie ^^

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Monday, April 21, 2014

can you believe it? pejam celik pejam celik. dah minggu ke-3 April. and I think I was too busy with work :'(  I need a holiday please..but you know baru keje sikit dah rasa penat! haha..but I dunno about you. I think I have been working around the clock and every day.. I will ONLY be at my table at 3pm! from morning until lunch time I was either in the meetings, trainings or just every where ^lesigh^ But at least I know I am doing something =B heh..

anyways, I might need to take a break. so the best place that I could think of for this kind of weather is the sea!! weeee~ who's up for it! hehe..i think I might head to the East. it's been a while since we last visited Perhentian or Kapas or Tioman or Redang. hmmm.. ^google for chalets in Perhentian^

oh my! now i seriously feel that I need a holiday! T___T  lets sayang?

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014's been two weeks now. we just moved out of our apartment into our new crib. first week was pretty awkward.a little bit sappy reminiscing our favourite little nest of two years.but we did well though..trying to get use to the neighbourhood and the people around us. funny is, we only knew the family on our right.on the left.two house on the left and the house in front which is not occupied until end of this month. but alhamdulillah..everything is fine. since it's a gov's we are renting here until our 'other' new crib is ready in 2016 (In Shaa Allah) all in all, everything is well.

just that we are trying our best to avoid from getting bitten by the aedes.we heard that they have few cases in the area (not mine.but closeby) that caught the dengue fever.scary right? Fanauzubillah! we had been spraying aerosols and putting the electrical aerosol liquids around the house to protect ourselves ever since:'(  but In Shaa Allah, everything is in His hands..all we can do is to make our best effort to avoid it and the rest is Tawakkal. getting used to living in high buildings was pretty hard for us.we used to left our windows wide open and let the fresh air in. But not at our new place, we need to make sure that we close all the shutters before the night falls. These little bugs really scares the hell out of us. Masha Allah..all we can do is just to make sure that we keep our house and compounds clean. ^scary^mary^ but all in all, the place is's not gated so we are still trying to get used to it. But at least we get to watch our cars under our nose compared to previous place, we just wonder what is the fate of our vehicles parked at the parking lots.haha!

it's a bless and a little bit curse though. but i think it's more of a bless. ^thankful that i get to do my squats at the staircase.haha^ just that it's an old house you know. i think it's age is 10 years old.but alhamdulillah. bersyukurlah dapat rumah teres.he he :D and we finally get to furnished up the house.but just some basic furniture and finally a dining area! weee..just a small one though.although we DO have moments when we wanted to buy bigger tables,sofas at the IKEA but we will take a step back and take a deep breath..and say out loud "damn you" like that! haha! sheesshhh two more years.oh well, we just need to save up for the new furniture then :D :D :D u are most welcome to our new crib of course! but yeah..nothing fancy just cosy enough for you to hang around aite ;)

much love xx

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Friday, April 11, 2014

for this's kinda so many ways. and i know she knows what I meant. And this year, she (or should say 'we' ) is turning to the new phase of life and to a different level of 'age'. (haha i'm trying my best to be gentle on the number) so to many years ahead. happy birthday to the one and only Azzahraa Annuar. may Allah bless u with kindness and love. And may Allah grant you strength and happiness. may Allah bless you in everything.. In Shaa Allah :)  may we become best of friends till Jannah ♥  what thirty? pffftt!! those are just numbers! ;P much love xx

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

lunch with my besties! aihh rindu plak rasa :")
pretty flowers at the park near our new home :)
hamzah and aunty yin's selfie B-)
at our new housing area wearing new style.haha ^arzu^
happy girl with happy olio on my recent date with nadz
pretty park for our weekly jog ♥ In Shaa Allah ;)

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Thursday, April 03, 2014

For A.Y,

I'm sure this is what Ibu,Ayah and Abg feeling right now..

It's kinda hard with you not around 
Know you in heaven smilin down
Watchin us while we pray for you
Every day we pray for you
Til the day we meet again
In my heart is where I'll keep you,son
Memories give me the strength I need to proceed
Strength I need to believe
My thoughts son, I just can't define 
Wish I could turn back the hands of time
I still can't believe you're gone
Give anything to hear half your breath
I know you still living you're life, after death 

Every step I take, every move I make
Every single day, every time I pray
I'll be missing you..
Thinkin of the day, when you went away
What a life to take, what a bond to break

I'll be missing you...

On that morning
When this life is over
I know..I'll see your face

To triple A's.
Be strong. We are always here for you..

 Aunty Yin & Uncle Cid

^ Wordings from Puff Daddy - I'll Be Missing You..^

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