Thursday, March 13, 2014

last February I went for a short trip to Penang with my dear husband for darling Nad's wedding. I've planned like months ago since I heard that Nad's getting hitched. Alhamdulillah the last lady in our girlfriends is officially Puan Nadiah :) Congrats to Nad & Aizat. we are truly happy for you, dear. So my girl friends and I planned to sleepover at Penang for a night and we wanted to plan for some jalan-jalan cari makan. Unfortunately, my jalan-jalan cari makan was only with Ajah & Soul. because we have some time clashed. sorry girls! but I surely wanna plan more jalan-jalan with Opy and Gurl ♥ but it was good enough to meet you girls during Nad's reception :) :) happy sangat!

we had a short stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and  we get to see Papa Rock! he is really cool, man!! like so humble and chill je B-) we shivered after took photos with him haha! and then we had a super HUGE breakfast before heading for a stroll at the beach.and heading out for jalan-jalan cari makan and hunt for they street art!! yippiieee!! 

my handsome man :)
nice style Elton!
papa rock in da house!

sup hameed terbaekk!! worth waiting!
he soo love his hat! haha

pweety tiles ♥

spooky art  near the temple

cat cafe!! with loads of plushes! 

balinese cafe in the middle of nowhere. so cosy!

pretty door on a pretty wall! ♥

the wall art beside the wil house hotel.

abang chin tah kata mana :P

there you go!! the loooong overdue pictures from our recent trip to Penang. It was surely a short and sweet trip and we are definitely coming again!! congrats to my dear nadiah, may Allah grant you blessings and love for eternity with Aizat. ameen ♥ much love xx

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