Monday, March 03, 2014

i week...

jeng jeng jeng.. old! yes, i am one week old free from Online Shopping (pfftt!! what were you thinking?!) haha well actually it's been only a week since I last click through the online shops. boy, I could not believe myself either. :P (rofl) but yes, I got a confession. The last thing ( I meant 'few' things) I bought was 'the' Sofina Bag 2.1 bags from FV. (noticed the 'bags') uh-oh..i think I accidentally clicked the purchased 'twice' :P so now I am waiting for my final online purchased to arrive cause I am sad to say that I can no longer spend all the money I have for myself anymore. sobsob..I can no longer be selfish (self indulge, selfie, and those self self thingy.. ^sigh^)

we're finally getting the new car and the house. In Shaa Allah.. (may Allah guide us to what is best for both of us) and so when ALL the zeros come into our account. it will automatically goes out too! (well basically not all) but almost half of it. ^sad i know^ but it's the biggest decision in our lives. with all the cost of living rising up. masha Allah, we should have thought of savings when we were little just like Kak Ros! RM1 per day. perhaps we could have a gigantic diamond ring too? ^eh i meant house^^ but yes, I was never the financial savvy girl back then . I  was raised with RM1 each day during primary school. And when I was in high school, I don't recall getting allowances from my parents cause the boarding school has prepared us every meal for the day. .boy, those days. I won't need to worry about anything..haihhh..

but now after growing up with all the money in the world that my dad has saved up for me..I wonder if I could ever saved up all the money in the world for my dad too ^sad but true.we barely can^ but as we grow up, we learned. we got a job, buy our own car and now, buying our own house.paying my own rents. masha Allah, we should really really have a huge GOLD umbrella to save us from the rainy days (not that it's raining lately though. GOD please give us some rain!! ^^ we need it soo much right now^^ )

but yeah.. as I was saying. we have more commitments as time goes by. We were once single, now we're double. so we need to buy things in twice the amount and twice of everything. what if later we have three or four of us. Masha's really a smack on my both cheeks right now. I just hold onto the sayings , "Besar Periuk, Besarlah Keraknya" well it's something like the more money you have the more you will things you need to spend onto  (like bills, house,cars,children,school fees etc) but knowing that the more money I have, and there are more things I need to pay..I believe that "Enough is better than too much" - berpada-pada, I do hope that I will learn to be moderate in what I'm spending nowadays. I know I can't be lavish anymore. ^sigh^ (but in case I wanna get what I want  for eg : Mulberry.haha! I guess I just have to save up for 20 months! HAHA) oh well, till then, just rantings. Hope you have your sunscreen on! Drink a lot of water ok! the weather is really really mean these days. much love xx

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