Friday, February 07, 2014

hello hello!! fuuh fuuhh kasi tiup sket blog. mak aih...sibukkkknyaaaa T___T nak nangis pun ada tapi tak ternangis sebab ada benda lagi penting daripada menangis yang nak kena buat.haha!

well actually,I was at my mom's for almost for the past three weeks. a week before the  Chinese New Year until the week after . we were being a nomad from one place to another. And it's pretty hectic and gosh isn't it tooo hot lately? the weather and the traffic was really stressful for me. maybe I'm used to staying close to the office (my current apartment is only 10 minutes away.bless!) so it really sucked! Since being married (i'm being truthful ^sigh^)  I could not have the idea of being away from home for more than a week. the house work was too much! I left home and not doing the laundry for three weeks is totally madness! So this whole week was catching up all the house chores. Cleaning up the house, hanging clothes, dried them, and folded them. CRAY CRAY!

And since Mister does not like to eat outside so much (we brought the groceries when we were at mom's) so I have to crack my head for some simple dishes for him. (you're lucky i like cooking.haha!) but funny thing is! aduiiiihhh..we went to my mom's for three weeks right? so mister had actually turned off the stove (he switched off the gas tube from the tank)  little that I know..that one fine day. I was planning to cook but when I turn on the stove, there was no gas coming out. So I was like 'alaa...takde gas plak..' so I hafta wait for mister to come back from work. for almost two days! I could not cook cos mister was coming late from work on those days. Soooo..that one night, when we were sooo looking forward to go to the mini mart downstairs to buy the gas.. and I hurried him so I could cook for dinner..and then suddenly mister went like "EH, GAS eh?? Haha I tutup gas aritu..lupa nak on balik" dush!! aiyoooo i waited for TWO days to cook because I thought we ran out of gas! that night the kitchen is kancheong all over again.hehe

and so this week we finally got a breather and I decided to clean up the three weeks undone house chores. and boy, its wayyy tougher than working out. sakit pinggang! hehe..but we managed to get back our tune and we're now safe and sound at our home sweet home :) so, what did you do on ur long weekends? I hope you guys had an awesome Chinese New Year! Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrated. Xin Nian Quai Le. and my the year of horse brings Horsperityyyy *neeeggghhh* much love xx

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