Monday, February 03, 2014

hey peeps! how was your long weekend? well since i'm working in I have longeeeer weekend! yes,you selangor and other states should be jealous of me! he he he..but's your CNY celebration? mine was superrrbly bohringgg! this year mister has to work on longer hours and God knows should i put this into words =/ lets just say how extremely free I was and most of my friends were back at their home town and I, was too, stucked at my 'home town' . parents went back balik kampung at Kelantan. and I was left doing nothing but downloading and watching movies lor. hehe but it's all good though. I'm back to my run these days. I hope I could keep it up to my 5 weeks aim. but you know there will always be obstacle. sheesh! how i wish i was born skinny like a broom stick.haha!

i miss my girls. i do.. Azzahraa, Farah, Via, Shoe, and Id. I wonder what they are up to these days. I know two of them are expecting. :D :D so the other three is busy celebrating CNY perhaps?:P especially that amoi lah! hihi siap bawak ehem2 balik kampung yee..hehe jk.Id's in Bangkok (from what I saw) and Shoe's in somewhere for family day. first time in my life, man! I was doing nothing for THREE days! :P all i do is, wake up. watch movie. eat. watch movie again. and then went for a run.pfft! at least i do meet few people at the park though (finally feeling home! hah!) i love running at the park. seeing the warm familiar faces. and some old friends. dad's friends. mom's friends. new friends :) ahh..the warmth of TTDI peeps! my hometown ;)

how's your long weekend doing? I hope it went well and I bet you planned few short vacay in and out of town,huh? I'm heading to the north soon. for someone's special wedding! ^wink^wink^ and gonna have a short vacay with ajjah! hehe i hope it's gonna be fun! looking forward for another 18 days! yeayyyy! as for now, gonna hafta be super busy till the end of February.well, I wish all of you a fabulous Feb! I know I will :) much love xx

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