Wednesday, February 19, 2014

haluuu..last night was my movie date night with mister. Do you know that I have been trying to buy movie tickets for The Journey but everywhere I went was fully booked!! so last night I tried my luck at Sunway Pyramid, and we finally got our tickets to the movie!

In case some of you didn't know, The Journey is a Chinese movie (by Malaysian of course!). And it was about a cross-continental story that explores the idea of culture, not just as tradition but as an expression of love. When Bee (Yew) returns to Malaysia for the first time in a decade - she introduces her conservative father Uncle Chuan (Lee) to her happy-go-lucky British fiancé, Benji (Pfeiffer). With Benji's lack of cultural understanding and comprehension of Chinese traditions, Chuan opposes their marriage. Unexpected circumstances ensue, and Chuan reluctantly submits to their union, on the condition that their wedding adheres to Chinese tradition. Part of that tradition is that Chuan must invite all of his childhood friends personally. But the fun part is, there are delivering the invitations by motorcycle all over Malaysia! :) So the quintessential odd couple, Benji and Chuan, embark on a cross country adventure to deliver the invitations. Despite language barriers and initial hesitation from both parties, the two men come to realize that their priorities are essentially one and the same. (credits to IMDB)

i loveeee the movie!! it is definitely hilarious and the uncle is so cute and grumpy AND STUBBORN! go watch! it's worth every penny. and I find it very interesting and I was deeply touched too :'(

and yesterday, I received a cute parcel by (as always!!) since it's a movie date night. I decided to pull off this cute rose vine sweater by Milktee and paired it up with Poplook's skirt (it was actually a pair with a blouse that came together during my purchase for Raya Haji last year :) ) antek kann? hehe i love it too! (please ignore the background but my husband and I 'purposely' posed here.haha!) not the typical selfie in the toilets or a well prepared place to pose. he he..

tadaa!! i purposely cropped it so i look taller! haha
so yeah, that girl is dangerous OKAY!  ^ ^ he go watch The Journey ok! I think this week will be the final week for the showing. just in case you did not get to watch it at the cinema, as always, just wait to purchase at ASTRO FIRST ^^^ till then! much love xx

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

^^ all photos were taken using Iphone 5 & Iphone 5s ^^

last weekend, we had the usual breakfast gang meet up. ahhh how I miss everyone! it's good to see Farah's getting back her appetite after almost a month feeling unwell. and yes! we are having another two new members for the Breakfast Gang sooon!! yeayy!! alhamdulillah :)  I am happy for both nadz and azz ♥ we had our breakfast at the usual D'Cengkih in TTDI. ahh i miss the nasi dagang. and boy it still taste the same ;P we had sucha great time with our little buddies around too! aysar and irfan made a good pair ;)  maybe next time little hamzah could join us too, Azz B-) by the end of year, we will be having two more toddlers joining! yeay!! and oh! we were all thrilled to know that our dear V is E*******!! yeayyy!! we surely can't wait!! ♥ ♥

mommy shoe and rockstar baby Aysar ♥
the always glowing mommy A ♥
see that glow. haishh..shy shy plak abang Irfan ♥
that will be me :) hello!
irfan practice being brother :D
me and amoi ♥ hehe
ok semua dah mommies.yang paling kiri bila? eh? ^ ^

haa?? what mama?? XD
all of us for the day ♥ luvluv ma girls

awe isn't that adorable ♥ schweet couple as always x's so fun to hang out with them. always putting u in a good mood for the rest of the day ♥ my lucky
'cloves' (sebab makan kat cengkih kan.hehe) much love xx

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Friday, February 07, 2014

hello hello!! fuuh fuuhh kasi tiup sket blog. mak aih...sibukkkknyaaaa T___T nak nangis pun ada tapi tak ternangis sebab ada benda lagi penting daripada menangis yang nak kena buat.haha!

well actually,I was at my mom's for almost for the past three weeks. a week before the  Chinese New Year until the week after . we were being a nomad from one place to another. And it's pretty hectic and gosh isn't it tooo hot lately? the weather and the traffic was really stressful for me. maybe I'm used to staying close to the office (my current apartment is only 10 minutes away.bless!) so it really sucked! Since being married (i'm being truthful ^sigh^)  I could not have the idea of being away from home for more than a week. the house work was too much! I left home and not doing the laundry for three weeks is totally madness! So this whole week was catching up all the house chores. Cleaning up the house, hanging clothes, dried them, and folded them. CRAY CRAY!

And since Mister does not like to eat outside so much (we brought the groceries when we were at mom's) so I have to crack my head for some simple dishes for him. (you're lucky i like cooking.haha!) but funny thing is! aduiiiihhh..we went to my mom's for three weeks right? so mister had actually turned off the stove (he switched off the gas tube from the tank)  little that I know..that one fine day. I was planning to cook but when I turn on the stove, there was no gas coming out. So I was like 'alaa...takde gas plak..' so I hafta wait for mister to come back from work. for almost two days! I could not cook cos mister was coming late from work on those days. Soooo..that one night, when we were sooo looking forward to go to the mini mart downstairs to buy the gas.. and I hurried him so I could cook for dinner..and then suddenly mister went like "EH, GAS eh?? Haha I tutup gas aritu..lupa nak on balik" dush!! aiyoooo i waited for TWO days to cook because I thought we ran out of gas! that night the kitchen is kancheong all over again.hehe

and so this week we finally got a breather and I decided to clean up the three weeks undone house chores. and boy, its wayyy tougher than working out. sakit pinggang! hehe..but we managed to get back our tune and we're now safe and sound at our home sweet home :) so, what did you do on ur long weekends? I hope you guys had an awesome Chinese New Year! Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrated. Xin Nian Quai Le. and my the year of horse brings Horsperityyyy *neeeggghhh* much love xx

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Monday, February 03, 2014

hey peeps! how was your long weekend? well since i'm working in I have longeeeer weekend! yes,you selangor and other states should be jealous of me! he he he..but's your CNY celebration? mine was superrrbly bohringgg! this year mister has to work on longer hours and God knows should i put this into words =/ lets just say how extremely free I was and most of my friends were back at their home town and I, was too, stucked at my 'home town' . parents went back balik kampung at Kelantan. and I was left doing nothing but downloading and watching movies lor. hehe but it's all good though. I'm back to my run these days. I hope I could keep it up to my 5 weeks aim. but you know there will always be obstacle. sheesh! how i wish i was born skinny like a broom stick.haha!

i miss my girls. i do.. Azzahraa, Farah, Via, Shoe, and Id. I wonder what they are up to these days. I know two of them are expecting. :D :D so the other three is busy celebrating CNY perhaps?:P especially that amoi lah! hihi siap bawak ehem2 balik kampung yee..hehe jk.Id's in Bangkok (from what I saw) and Shoe's in somewhere for family day. first time in my life, man! I was doing nothing for THREE days! :P all i do is, wake up. watch movie. eat. watch movie again. and then went for a run.pfft! at least i do meet few people at the park though (finally feeling home! hah!) i love running at the park. seeing the warm familiar faces. and some old friends. dad's friends. mom's friends. new friends :) ahh..the warmth of TTDI peeps! my hometown ;)

how's your long weekend doing? I hope it went well and I bet you planned few short vacay in and out of town,huh? I'm heading to the north soon. for someone's special wedding! ^wink^wink^ and gonna have a short vacay with ajjah! hehe i hope it's gonna be fun! looking forward for another 18 days! yeayyyy! as for now, gonna hafta be super busy till the end of February.well, I wish all of you a fabulous Feb! I know I will :) much love xx

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