Wednesday, December 18, 2013

on our second day in Sydney we had planned to climb up the Sydney Eye Tower.Well we did not literally climbed up.but we had reserved a session to experience the Skywalk at the Sydney Tower Eye. For those who wanted to travel to Sydney, you could save up to $84 if you plan to visit these 5 attractions. We bought the Ultimate Sydney Pass which includes 5 attractions like the Sydney Tower Eye, Skywalk, Sydney Sealife, Sydney Wildlife and Madame Tussauds! You just buy the Ultimate Sydney Pass at the Sydney Tower website here!

I really do think it's a good deal because you can use all these passes at any given days. (u can use it up to 30 days! so can stay in Sydney longer! ;) )  It's just that when you purchase these tickets at the Sydney Tower website, you have to pick up all these tickets at the Sydney Tower. If you bought it at the Madame Tussauds, you have to pick up the rest of the tickets at the Madame Tussauds too! :) nice right?

So we woke up early and had our breakfast new the Picadally Building. Well, being in Australia and not knowing where to have breakfast early in the morning, we just pray that we are eating right (halal food is not within our reach at that time) so we had the baked beans with some omelette and super nice Segafredo hot chocolate :)

our Skywalk was at 10:30 am so we had our breakfast and started of with The Sydney Eye Tower tour. The view from the top is stupendous! we could see the harbour and the boats and the marina bay.exciting!! and thanks to my iphone 5 for doing an amazing job in taking all the GF5 was with mister at that time (and he was with another tour group by the way) so my photos are all using my dear IPhone5. fewh!

u can see from the top of the tower all the way down!can you believe it?! nice right!! :) :)

and then after touring around the tower,it's time for Skywalk! weehooo!! it's quite nerve wrecking when we have to go all the way to the top and we could not bring our own camera by the way. So these photos are from their camera which is kept in a box secured with safety rope ok! haha and all of us were suited up in a full body suit and equipped with harness and boy, we surely went gaga! cause the wind was pretty strong up there! :P and it's coooolllddd!! brrrrrrr

so after the thrilling experience (haha my dad and I are afraid of heights!:P) we went down and straight to Birkinhead Point Outlet!well, according to the map (yes I read maps.haha but i kinda suck at the distance range) well I thought we could arrive there by foot (HAHA!) but when I asked around they told me that I could reach there by foot but it will take us 30 minutes.sorry,no thanks! mom's not fit enough to walk that far,so we decided to take the cab instead ;P so lesson learnt : please bring enough cash just in case u were too tired to walk around the city and not knowing the exact distance is not reachable by foot ok! :P we went back to the train station to get to Circular Quay. note that Circular Quay is the station to exchange from train to ferries, buses and other trains.

this is our favourite stop cause my mom and my brother loves to shop here :P

so we took another ferry ride from Circular Quay to Darling Harbor (yes, we LOVEEE ferry rides! haha) we saw this grumpy seagull begging for food but making a straight face.pfftt!! garang!

and here we go!! on the ferry we hopped! i love the scenery from our ferry! (we made friends with the ferry man.haha) and I love how the Sydney Opera shone to the sunlight. Can you see the roof? it has a special material made for the roof. They call it shell. But according to the history, the roof is made from a material that will wash up the roofs during the raining days and shines and glittered when hit the sunlight. More info here : Sydney Roof .

it's really nice right? gorgeous weather that day! the sun was at it's best ;) and we had few stops before arriving the Darling Harbor ♥ from Circular Quay to Luna Park, Balmain,Manly, Taronga and Darling Harbour :)

So when we docked at the Darling Harbor we walked halfway down the harbor to find a cab and it was pretty windy at the harbor and i think it's gonna rain anytime soon. And to the outlet we go!no pictures taken 'during' the shopping spree.haha! but I managed to get myself a nice set of Corelle of course! and mom as usual, bags! there's not much shops there (it's not like the Bicester Village.London wins! haha) but it's good enough for us ;P

after a short two hours of shopping :P we decided to head back to the hotel and had our usual Nandos at the Market City and we had a short rest before going to the Bondi Beach for sunset :) yeay!!

to be continued..

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