Sunday, December 29, 2013

hi peeps.

what's your new year's resolutions? this year, Alhamdulillah I've achieved what I've wanted last year. Getting married :) haha!

Alhamdulillah, it's been 4 months now (still new lor.inai masih di jari.kuikui) so this year..i need to step out of my comfort zone and start to challenge myself.hmmm..if in previous year,i aim to save up for my wedding etc etc..and alhamdulillah, we managed to pull it through and we are happy with whatever we have. not jinxing anything.and I would say that I've never thought I could love a man the way I am now..we're like so much in love than before (kahwin baru tahu tauuu.. :P) and after living with mister for these past few months. I had some plans lined up for us.for this year, we do wish for awesome 2014, love and mercy on everyone and may Allah grant us peace and calm in everything we do. for 2014, as I am no longer a my responsibilty drastically changed! :P 

like for example, before married,coming back from work is just changing clothes,check the fridge,snog for food,no food = crackers will do or sometimes instant noodle, and slouched on the couch until my eyes sore from watching tv.and head to bed.the end.

but now it's totally different!! (haha i know some of you might have the same thing on their mind) so, once i got off from work, think of what to cook for the husband = lazy = decided to call him and 'literally' begging if we could dine out.haha! = fail = so think again of what to cook. then, came home.cook.serve.slouched on the couch.went back to kitchen to clean up the mess (from tremendous idea but little cooking.haha!) and snog in the laundry room for dirty laundries.wash clothes.hang clothes.look at the clock.midnight.sleep.then end. see? much much much different right??'s kinda challenging to me,though. but it's fun! every day is not the same day. it will change according to your : mood.lazy,menses,stress from work,or just simply lazy :P but i am thankful and bless for every single thing I have now with me. a man to love, a family to build, a roof above our head, a nice comfy shoes, clothes to put, mouths to be fed. Alhamdulillah. I am blessed.

so for 2014, i hope we could plan for a new house,a new car and new family! (inShaa Allah) kita hanya merancang, Allah yang menentukan semuanya. so here are my line ups :

1) save up for the new house
2) eat less outside and cook more!
3) eat healthy, be healthy
4) have a nice short trips once in a while. in Malaysia would be fine :)
5) learn to love more and hate less.

that's all i need for now. I don't need a loooong list and not knowing if I could even accomplished it. But I do hope we get to achieve our resolutions next year. As for now, I'll just settle with these five. May Allah grant us all wealth and health. And may Allah grant us love and kindness throughout our lives. Have a nice loooongg weekend everyone! Today is my last day of work for 2013. InsyaAllah , with longevity we will meet again next year. with better hopes and dreams to achieve what we have left off. much love! xx

p/s: went out for some groceries shopping with mister. since it will be our final week of 2013. we scooped a lot of veggies and some nice low carbs food hoping for healthier meals to kick start our 2014. and i found my bagel at Jaya Grocer! weee! i have all my fave groceries in there *glad*glad* and we sooo zonked right now after our morning workout (we made few crunches,calves lifting,planking,vertical leg crunches,crunch twist and bicycle crunch.and now we are in soreeeeee) need to do some run this evening to ease the pain. gonna drop it like a squat baby!! happy 2014!! bismillah :)

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