Sunday, December 29, 2013

hi peeps.

what's your new year's resolutions? this year, Alhamdulillah I've achieved what I've wanted last year. Getting married :) haha!

Alhamdulillah, it's been 4 months now (still new lor.inai masih di jari.kuikui) so this year..i need to step out of my comfort zone and start to challenge myself.hmmm..if in previous year,i aim to save up for my wedding etc etc..and alhamdulillah, we managed to pull it through and we are happy with whatever we have. not jinxing anything.and I would say that I've never thought I could love a man the way I am now..we're like so much in love than before (kahwin baru tahu tauuu.. :P) and after living with mister for these past few months. I had some plans lined up for us.for this year, we do wish for awesome 2014, love and mercy on everyone and may Allah grant us peace and calm in everything we do. for 2014, as I am no longer a my responsibilty drastically changed! :P 

like for example, before married,coming back from work is just changing clothes,check the fridge,snog for food,no food = crackers will do or sometimes instant noodle, and slouched on the couch until my eyes sore from watching tv.and head to bed.the end.

but now it's totally different!! (haha i know some of you might have the same thing on their mind) so, once i got off from work, think of what to cook for the husband = lazy = decided to call him and 'literally' begging if we could dine out.haha! = fail = so think again of what to cook. then, came home.cook.serve.slouched on the couch.went back to kitchen to clean up the mess (from tremendous idea but little cooking.haha!) and snog in the laundry room for dirty laundries.wash clothes.hang clothes.look at the clock.midnight.sleep.then end. see? much much much different right??'s kinda challenging to me,though. but it's fun! every day is not the same day. it will change according to your : mood.lazy,menses,stress from work,or just simply lazy :P but i am thankful and bless for every single thing I have now with me. a man to love, a family to build, a roof above our head, a nice comfy shoes, clothes to put, mouths to be fed. Alhamdulillah. I am blessed.

so for 2014, i hope we could plan for a new house,a new car and new family! (inShaa Allah) kita hanya merancang, Allah yang menentukan semuanya. so here are my line ups :

1) save up for the new house
2) eat less outside and cook more!
3) eat healthy, be healthy
4) have a nice short trips once in a while. in Malaysia would be fine :)
5) learn to love more and hate less.

that's all i need for now. I don't need a loooong list and not knowing if I could even accomplished it. But I do hope we get to achieve our resolutions next year. As for now, I'll just settle with these five. May Allah grant us all wealth and health. And may Allah grant us love and kindness throughout our lives. Have a nice loooongg weekend everyone! Today is my last day of work for 2013. InsyaAllah , with longevity we will meet again next year. with better hopes and dreams to achieve what we have left off. much love! xx

p/s: went out for some groceries shopping with mister. since it will be our final week of 2013. we scooped a lot of veggies and some nice low carbs food hoping for healthier meals to kick start our 2014. and i found my bagel at Jaya Grocer! weee! i have all my fave groceries in there *glad*glad* and we sooo zonked right now after our morning workout (we made few crunches,calves lifting,planking,vertical leg crunches,crunch twist and bicycle crunch.and now we are in soreeeeee) need to do some run this evening to ease the pain. gonna drop it like a squat baby!! happy 2014!! bismillah :)

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

on the fourth day in Sydney we totally filled up our day with 3 different places to go! our flight was at 11pm that day, so we decided to make full use of our final day in Sydney. So after going to the Featherdale Wildlife Park, we headed towards the Darling Harbour to meet the celebrities! ;) I'm not sure if the big ships which looked like a battleship or navy ships are always docked here but we saw these big ships near the harbour. Maybe it's from the National Maritime Museum. but they sure look so big and scary! :P

we arrived at the Darling Harbour jetty. and we need to walk a looong way to the Madame Tussauds. Well since the wind were blowing really hard at that time, our walk seems like forever! :P but we managed to reach M.T and greeted by handsome Johnny Depp! B-) auwww!!

you can see how hard the wind blow..u can see depp's hair flying!haha
macho abes! :P seriously they looked like real to me! i even touched his face.haha
that's my girl Riri ♥

that's lady gaga and lady gagap on the right.hahaha

that's oprah when she was thinner i guess.but my dream came true. i talked my heart out! ;P *drama*
E & E = Erin & Einstein ? :P
aku dah pesan Erin, belajar rajin2. tapi tengok..apa dah jadi? :P
so pretty kylie minogue :)
well these are the photos from my iphone.well as usual, the battery when kaput after a whole day of going around Sydney.but we did bring along our lumix along so the photos are all inside that camera (oh i took some photos with Leo Pio, Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt doesn't look like him at all,pfft! and many more.and seriously I think they really really look live like!) I touched some of their faces..and it really freaked me out!! haha good job peeps!

after going to the Madame Tussauds, we rushed to Sealife, but it was kinda boring for me cause it's just the same as Aquaria, except they don't have Piranha.take that! but we don't have Dugong/Manatee, and they surely a HUGEEE one!! we did get the chance to watch the Manatee from the top of the aquarium and it did make me go 'WOAHHH that's a big sea cow!!' :P we did not take many pictures here because I'm still having my nature calls..bummer so I did take a mental picture of each and every creature there :) so we headed back to Circular Quay before heading back to Central.

our favourite stop : St James (they have Pandora shop here.haha)
this University is just 2 minutes walk from our hotel.maybe I should enrol here ;)
my dream uni perhaps :)

as the sun was setting's time for us to head back to Malaysia. Our flight was at 11.25pm that night. so we headed early in case the queue gets crazy at the airport. And so..that was the story of my Sydney Trip. I surely had a great time there. Despite having the 'time of the month', I did have trouble taking a long walk around the town but I managed to pull it through (thank you Allah) and I hope my parents had a great time there. And it's kinda sad knowing that it might be my last trip with them, just the four of us (Pa,Ma,Ash and I) but I do hope we could go for a short trip in Malaysia with the new family members around (encik suami & mummy Rina) . All in all, Australia was a nice place to go for holiday. I do hope to visit Perth or Gold Coast (#laterwish) But for me, the trip to Sydney was quite affordable. Despite buying last minute tickets, we managed to score for a flight ticket (AAX) with a family room for 5D3N with only RM1800 each person. for me, I am looking forward for our trip next year. Mister and I are gonna be away next week. Hope all of u had a great holidays and have a happy new year! what's your new year's resolution? Lets share! I will update on mine soon ok! much love xx

tips : use AirAsiaGo if you want to get a great deal both flights and accommodation included. I think it's quite reasonable price! or you can try and use ok! have fun planning your holidays! xx

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Our final day in Sydney was definitely well spent. And boy it was pretty hard for me as I was having 'lady's day' and I have to contain the agony and pain in order to bring my family around the town :) we woke up early and took the train to the Central. since the Featherdale Wildlife Park is further from our place, we decided to take the first route to Blacktown. Once in Blacktown, we took a bus and stopped right in front of the Featherdale Park. I'm sooo excited because it's my first time to see the cute kangaroo and wallabies and koalas and.. ahhh!! everything!! :) :) :)

that wombat.dahlah gemuk duduk je situ.gerammm!!

this bird looks like WOOD!! like kayu right??
the only picture of us with koala :) the rest of our photos are in his camera ;)
mrs kangaroo sunbathing B-)

cute little creatures!! gerammm!!

can u see that koala's claws! scarrryy

one thing for sure. they smells! :P

that's a wombat inside the small cave.sleeping terkangkang!

well my friend, this is the Tasmanian devil! and they are really active creature.the only picture of not moving Tasmanian.

wallabies berehat-rehat.beronok-ronok..

i think it's a type of stork.but it has blue head.scaryyy

yang ni pun wallaby. tengah tido ke tengah merajuk,tak sure :P

weird blue chicken.

fluffy chicken kecik and gemuk!

sheeppp!! baaaahhhh

that's a calf and sheep! besties,kut! :P

pretty duck with a head like beckham hair :P (kojack)

that's the blue chicken. takleh duduk diam. kehulu kehilir macam cari apa je..

proud eagle showing of his wings


that's a peacock.but when i was taking this photo she decide not to open up her wings.pffft!!

tengok tu.. buat deekkkk jeee

buaya besar gila bapok tengah berendam B-)
after going to the Featherdale. we took a bus back to the city and of to Darling Harbour for famous tourist spot for sight seeing --> Madame Tussauds!! *cliche i know* :D :D :D

to be continued

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

after a whole day outing at the Sydney Tower Eye and Birkinhead Point Outlet. we decided to have the famous fish and chips in Bondi Junction. We're glad that our Multi 2 passes are valid at most of the places that we went to. So we walked up to the Central Station and took a train from Central to Bondi Junction. But to get to the Bondi Beach, we need to take a bus which stopped right across the beach :)

this is the gorgeous Central Station ♥ we love u! hehe

well we were really nervous when we took the bus (actually 'I' was nervous because the whole Sydney trip plan was managed by me! the local tour guide.haha! definitely not local because this is my first time being in Australia,blimey!:P) and so I did ask few people in the bus. a nice lady were really nice to tell me where to hop off! thank u nice surfer lady hehe..we didn't know that it took about 20-30minutes from the Bondi Junction bus station to the Bondi we arrived just in time for the sunset :) Alhamdulillah..

that's my brother at the end ;P hi ash!

it's reallllyy nice right? i love how the beach look sooo serene and it brought ease to all of us once we reach the beach. mom and dad can't stop taking photos and i love how Iphone 5 can take this panaromic view of the Bondi Beach for me to share with you B-) but since my post space is not wide enough..u can click the photo for better view ok ;)

beautiful ♥

it's really beautiful during the sunset. and cold too!! i think the weather was 17C. but it's nice and warm at the same time :) and funny thing is, after we had a stroll along the beach..we wanted to have this famous fish and chips.all i know is the address but not where it is located. (and I was having my menses! adooii very headache to search highs and lows :P) but alhamdulillah we managed to find our shop! with the help of the locals! yeayy!!

the ever famous fish & chips at bondi beach!
and of cos! the famous fried mars bar!
mama & papa :)
yours truly enjoying the fried mars! :)

see the oozing melting mars inside..yummers! ♥
and after the nice dinner we had. we decided to head back to the hotel and i have a hot date for that night ;) hehe in case you are wondering where is mister's the story.hehe..actually rashid has a business trip to I decided to tag along.but he asked me invite my parents and lil brother to tag along so that I won't be alone in Sydney. and since mister is going with his company, most of his itinerary was planned by his company (well don't ask me where he went.i am sooo jelly!! pfftt!!) funny thing is, we took the same flight time and arrived at the same time on that day! buttt..we stayed in the different i could only meet mister on the second night in Sydney  (rindu oooo! haha) so we decided to have a romantic night ferry ride to Darling Harbour! it was really niceee..just the two of us on the ferry and we were even the last person on the ferry for that night.haha~ dating all out i tell you!! :P

loml ♥

amboiii siap tongkat dagu! hehehe
I really love the Sydney view at night. i don't mind going back and forth from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour every night :D :D :D the whole return trip from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour took around 60 minutes. so we spent the whole hour on the ferry.heeee :"> and mister slept over at our hotel for that night.yeaaayyy!! we went back to the hotel quite late that night because the last ferry was at 12.00 am. boy I was super hungry because I did not had the fish and chips when we were in Bondi (nature calls.haha) and so after returning from Darling Harbour we had the leftovers and went off to bed...zonked! as for tomorrow,we were ready for our date with Mrs Kangaroo at the Featherdale Wildlife Park :)

to be continued..

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