Thursday, November 21, 2013

hey peeps!! it's weekend! yeay!! i can't wait to laze around.wake up late.taking your own sweet time to do whatever you wanna do.imma right? ;)

well,i surely can't wait to receive my parcels from Milktee! i just loveee their cute and i think a lil bit of indie style.laid back kinda style i think. but the thing that caught my eyes is the branding itself. the name of the brand sounded so chill. milk-tee. how can someone name a clothing line MILK and yet make it sounded so cool! B-) *highfive*

anyways, i miss Australia (eh tiba2) hehe i miss traveling and people are so warm and smiley (compared to London.sheesh!) they are always helpful and I guess it's because they are slowly getting used to the Muslims there. ( i saw few Muslim nigerians and some are south african- i asked them by the way.hehe so nosy haa) but some of the australians did ask me where I came from too! ;)

i enjoyed my stay in Sydney.I do. the weather was sunny and warm.and chilly at the same time. Just the right temperature :) I have yet to tell you about the trip. work had been literally killing me! I'm barely in the office nor at my workstation working. (now i am actually sneaking and blogging cause my bosses are not around. Plus, it's FRIDAY c'mon!)

will update on my Sydney trip on my next post! much love xx

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