Monday, November 04, 2013

note : it's a gonna be a super long post with pictures spam ;) enjoy!

And the next day, we headed towards Nusa Dua for some water sports in Tanjung Benoa and some sight seeing at Water Blow. Nusa Dua is situated at the other side of Bali. Previously, if you wanna get to to Nusa Dua, it took almost two hours to get there. But we were lucky enough that the new highway to Nusa Dua has just completed.and with this highway, it only took us 20-30minutes to reach Nusa Dua. awesome right?!  and the view on the highway was surreal! it was build in the middle of the sea! and it was AWESOME!

ready for our jalan-jalan
this is Pak Agung. he just finished a ceremony back at he came straight to bring us jalan-jalan :)

entering the highway to Nusa Dua!

waiting for our turn to ride the Flying Fish !
getting ready for our ride : flying fish!! 
oh that's not us.hehe ours is worse! haha
pretty sky! ♥ and yes, this place is superrr crowded but fun!
getting ready..nervous!!

amboi excitednya diaaa :P
that's our flying fish! scarrryyy!! but awesomest!
we lied down on this float.and the boat will drag us with a rope all the way on the water..and after a while, it will speed up and the float will fly up in the sky, just like a kite!! the view from top was masha Allah..sooo prettyyy!!! i screamed most of the time.but i was starstruck-ed with the view! ♥♥ but we could not take photo from above though (too busy flying haha!)

it was really awesome to do the water sport with mister. he is sucha sport! :) we did have fun despite it was a little bit pricey..but what the heck.sekali sekala ;)

after the Tanjung Benoa, we headed to Nusa Dua for water blow. it was our first time to see such high cliffs and standing at the edge to see the water blow. The water blow is called water blow because the place where the rock that stands firmly on the beach of Nusa Dua with a beautiful shape swept by the large waves. Because the waves crashing into the walls of the reefs would eventually make the water-sea water is soaring into the air.

walking towards Water Blow.. it was really scenic ♥

we are here! :)

paparazzi pose. hehe

and then we headed towards a new seaside..if I'm not mistaken it is called Pandawa :) the oceans are blueeee..ahh such cooling to the eyes B-) and not many people come to this beach yet. But I think it's gonna be a hit soon as the place is secluded and the stretch was quite loooong and people may do surfing here too!

gorgeous right! ♥
honyemooners =")

halo pak agung :)

we came all the way up from that hill..
we then had our lunch at the Puti Intan Minang food. comment : tak sedap :P
tapi habiskan jugak sebab lapar.haha!
and then we headed to the famous Julia Robert's beach.. it's Padang Padang beach.ahh..i love Bali ♥ it has sooo many beautiful beaches and the skies are always blue ♥ ♥ ♥

we found magnum gold. and boy! it tasted like GOLDDDD

sedap sangatttt *sigh*
we had a great time at Padang padang..and had some the sun gets warmer..we headed off to our last destination of the day.. Pura Luhur Uluwatu :) next post! much love xx

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