Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sydney :  Day 1 & 2

g'day mate! :D :D it's been almost a month since my last travel to the land of down under. i've always love traveling for the past six years.I discovered the fun of traveling when I was in Japan. funny is, every young person I met in Japan that I came across will tell me that they like traveling whenever I asked them. At first I don't get it when they said that they like to travel and holiday ( i was like woahhh they must be saving so much money to do so!)

and little that I know it started to become my hobby too! ;P so when Mister told me that he's going to Sydney for work..i was jumping up and down begging him so that I can tag along! :) for the past 8 years of traveling around the world.I have always wanted to go to Australia! so this is my chance!! but he made me promise to bring my parents along.haha! he told me that he doesn't want me to wander around alone while he's at work.(pffft! i had been wandering alone for the past 6 years lah sayang!hehe) and so alhamdulillah, on the 26th of October, my family and i took our flight to SYDNEY!!

it took us 7 and half hours to reach the King Smith's Terminal, Sydney. As soon as we landed, I just realized that I forgot to bring my coat! sheesh!! so there I was, shivering from the windy Summer breeze of Sydney. it was Spring-Summer when we arrived there. There were still flowers blooming and the weather was just fine. And it's kinda chilly at night. But you can just wear the usual shirts or cardigan. The weather was really nice to walk around the city.

safely arrived at the King's Smith Airport

someone's can't wait to explore the city
yours truly ;P
beautiful flowers along the road

dad's happy he gets to buy fresh fruits just across the street

our first meal of the day.sooo fillinggggg! and yummy too! @marketcity
 after having our lunch.we were too tired to walk around the city, yet. so we decided to take a nap and end up slept of till 5pm! and most of the shops were almost closed! haha..but I managed to get this multi2 tickets.
it is used for taking the buses, trams,trains and ferries. it's really useful..we surely used it well! i think the ticket was really tired going in and out of the transportation machines!haha..

we also found this! and this is rare!! and yummy too!
we got this for $52 for all trains,ferries and buses we need throughout our stay :) useful!
we found nando's!
getting ready for dinner. tired faces ;P

my chicken classic wrap

Grand Central 
we are heading to Circular Quay for our ferry ride! :)

waiting for the ferry from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour.

luna park

me and sydney harbour :)

so beautiful masha Allah ♥

darling harbour

wifi in ferry uols!

antique clock at the Grand Central Station 

night walk from the Grand Central. Mom's so happy :) :)

yup they have sooo many kinds of Magnum! drool! *did not eat any cause having my menses.bummer*

daily dose from 7Eleven ;)
we had the first day for some 'getting to know' around the city before we get heated up with our touristy activities! ;) we stayed at the Aarons Hotel at Ultimo Road.

The place is nice and boy they have the comfiest bed ever!! like once u lie down, u literally sink! ;P I totally forgot to take any photos of the hotel. My mom did.will put it up once I got it. And the hotel was quite affordable! next : Sydney : 2nd Day : Sydney Tower Skywalk & Birkinhead Point Outlet! :)

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