Tuesday, November 12, 2013

hey ho.little bunny here is a wee bit unwell. under the weather but not feverish though. maybe i have this travel bug or flu :P haha..not in the mood to get back to work so anyway, last day of our honeymoon. we took our last time off to Tanah Lot.. (p/s: there's few photos got fogged off due to the thumb print on the lens :P but after realizing it, the prints has been wiped.haha)

that's pak Agung. thank u so much for bringing us to everywhere!

we gonna miss this path to our villa ♥

leaving our villa :(  so sad
all in all..alhamdulillah.. we really had a great time in Bali. we did not take any agent or package for our honeymoon since both of us prefer to travel to places that we want rather than following the tourist guide. plus, i've always prefer to travel on my own since it is more thrilling to plan on where to go and how to get to the places on your own. adventurous i shall say ;)

we truly blessed with this 'alone' time and we sure hope for more honeymoons before the little ones came ;P a few weeks after our honeymoon. mister was offered by his company for a business trip to Sydney! and little miss muffet decided to tag along! ♥ next up, Sydney - second mooniversarry :) much love xx

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