Sunday, November 03, 2013

love had been filling the airs for the past two months. alhamdulillah..i am blessed for our love getting stronger each day :) i'm a happy camper! (eh?) hehe and so i reallyy need to finish up all my posts! I'm losing my touch in writing due to all the workloads (haih...learn to manage your time erin!) and so..

on our second day in Bali, we went for sunset dinner in Jimbaran just like any other newly weds do ;) hehe..our supir brought us to this New Moon Cafe. (very cliche i knoww..and I even met Mr for the very first time on the premiering of Twilight : New Moon.tsk..cheesy!haha!)

yes.this is my second time wearing a dress :P

we stopped by at the ground zero. where the bombing in Kuta took place..
we arrive at our restaurant :) good enough before sunset

some ceremony were held.and the crowd passed by our restaurant. Bali is always fill with ceremonies everyday :)
the sun is setting.. ♥

selfie honeymooners ♥
our food is here! ♥ those calamaris were umphh umphhh!!

new moon cafe ♥ we had a great dinner :)
and so we had an awesome dinner and we went for a quick night walk at the Kuta beach.. some HRC camwhoring ;)

there you go :) we had an awesome dinner and night walk.thanks to our supir who is very patient with us :) hehe..pak Agung is the man!! *thumbsup* and next stop is Nusa Dua! :)

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