Friday, October 25, 2013

hey peeps! i was reading my favourite blogger Bleubird (been reading her blog for over 3 years now) and i was reading about how these handsome bags were made!! aren't these boys handsome??

photo courtesy of Bleubird blog
after reading this.i was like.. "ohhh..patutlah leather goods are super expensive!" look how they made it look so nicely made and hello~ handmade okay! so jangan complaint kalau harga dia starting from 3ks and above! fewh! sweats! oh well..just something to share with you peeps! click here to read more : A Maker Series by Bleubird Vintage . enjoy! and oh, speaking of leather goods, do head to Shriro Warehouse Sale! this weekend! my friend, Via will be there! there's soo many brands on sale. There's even BALLY too! head there this weekend! and click here for more info : Shriro Warehouse Sale! have a nice weekend! i'm gonna be away for a while. off to the land of downunder for Spring ;) much love xx

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