Thursday, October 24, 2013

haha what a title! :P hallo! fewhh! finally i could sit and take a loooong look at my photos! can u believe it? my life has totally changed the moment i got had been masha Allah super duper busy! i barely sits at my table!! and seriously i need a breather.and thank God i did have few vacay here and there but to tell you the feet ached! literally..walked too much i guess..but be hold..wait no more..lets continue with my second day in Bali-moon ;)

so on the second day, my husband and I decided to make a date with our best tour guide ever, Pak Agung! Pak Agung is highly recommended :) we met him through our friend Alan. He used to study Medicine in Bali.anyways, Pak Agung is the best driver we ever had. Definitely hiring him again if we're coming back to Bali *winking encik* early next morning.. we woke up at 8am and had our breakfast at our villa. we love the staffs at the villa! they server fresh breakfast to our common room every single day! :)

and so after our breakfast,at 9 am, Pak Agung is already in front of our villa and we started our jalan-jalan to Ubud!Ubud is a beautiful place where it is towards the montainious region. so it's much cooler there.alhamdulillah we were in Bali during it's best season! the sun was up and the sky was stupendously blue! masha Allah :) and so we headed first to Tegenungan Waterfall. Tegenungan waterfall is a beautiful cascade near Ubud, Bali. Set in the jungle, it's a beautiful escape. During the rains, the water coming down is so strong no one can swim into it. but to get down to the waterfall..sakit betis wooo!! haha i wonder how the Indonesian gets all their energy! ;P Rashid and I was really struggling to get down and up the stairs! and Pak Agung is breathing very very normally without heaving! pfftt! strong man that old man! hehe

hello pak agung! :)

after a quick trekking at Tegenungan. (very quick feet sored! haha) we headed to Monkey Forest in Padangtegal,Ubud. well,i'm not a big friend of monkeys.but they are quite adorable to my liking :D

the special motorcycle with the body of bicycle.ohsem!

happy sampai kening naik.haha!

kening naik lagi.HAHA ni happy sangat lah kut eh :P

we had few walks around the temple and then we headed Sukawati Market for some touristing job.haha! we had some gelatos.and pictures and walk around the town..i LOVEE bali! it's soooo beautiful in it's own way!! ♥

cute gelato shop with a cute girl ;P

am not good with side profile.haha!
abang macho. heh!
nice boat! :P

after getting some tanned on our skins (LOL) we headed to our favorite eating spot!! well previous years, i went to Bali with my best friend, Nuwen. and we went to this famous duck restaurant called Bebek Bengil.well the place was called Bebek Bengil because it stands for 'dirty ducks'.According to the owner of Bebek Bengil, on one tropical monsoon morning, when the restaurant was very close to being finished ( they had the concrete floor down, and the tables in ), a flock of ducks from the rice field across the road ( yes, there were rice fields all around us then ) ran quacking and squawking into the restaurant and across the floor and tables. They left muddy webbed footprints all over the place. They were their first guests - those dirty ducks ! haha! so that's why it is call Bebek Bengil. and now ,they have a new place in Ubud where it is called Bebek Tepi Sawah.which is wayyyy prettier than the previous place we went! but pretty much the concept was still the same and this time i get to enjoy the view of Paddy Field with my beloved hubs! :) it was really really beautiful and calming..ahhh just what i needed on our honeymoon..beneath the coconut trees..whisking sounds of the paddy field.. blisss :)

the greatest view ♥
can u see the paddy field behind me :)
side profile yang malu-malu
and he's having a fresh coconut fruit from the tree
banana milkshake adalah yang tersedap dan tersegar.haih..
bebek goreng.terbaeekkkk!!
bebek bakar pun terbaekkk

after a nice long lunch together..headed back to hotel and have a quick dip in the pool ;) i wish we have a small home like this one. *sigh* we had a quick rest and getting ready for sunset dinner at Jimbaran! ♥ ♥ what the lovers do,baybeh!! hehe.. -to be continue xx

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