Thursday, September 19, 2013

hey peeps! how are u doing?? life has been suppppeerrr nice to me.alhamdulillah.pejam celik pejam's been three weeks now.married ♥ i still have my post wedding fever once in a while.. :) i still can't believe that I am married to the most incredible man in my life. Alhamdulillah I am blessed with every little things He had granted. Allah has great plans for all of us and I am thankful for every single of it.

As for now, we are staying in our apartment in Putrajaya. funny is, we are furniture-less because recently our living room tiles decided to put an act on us. our tiles burst! out of the blue and now we only have some decent doormats to cover it our plan on having new dining table needs to be put on hold for a while. on a happy note, we are really really thankful for all the coolest electrical appliances that our dearest friends gave us. We received such a lovely necessities like three rice cookers, which are all for different use. (we love our Tefal cooker by the way.sayang nak pakai!) currently using the cutest rice cooker by Dayah & Sapik :* thanks babe!! u know me too well! haha! and we LOVEEEEE our Air Fryer to bits! ♥ using it almost everyday! thanks geng geng BU :) i think everyone needs to have one! it's really useful and healthy too ;) it's on sale now in Jusco. from RM1299 , it is now only RM999!! go and grab one!!  *iklan jap*

and we also love the Steamer from Rashid's best friends. well, he uses it almost everyday too! steaming his hair.haha just kidding. he uses it every morning to steam his tshirt. (Good job guys, i am off the hook of ironing his clothes everyday :P HAHA) but yeah, we love it too!! toce toce!! we love every single gifts you gave us,peeps! but we hafta wait till the house tiles are back at its place. haih..seriously such an eye sore looking at the tiles. lucky we don't have to pay any of it.fewh! but we hafta wait til October to be stored back.haih..FYI, this is my third time having my tiles exploded. yup, for no reason and it's like an aftershock looking at it. redha..   (-____-")

But don't worry..we're good! kitchen's open everyday ;P and the house are always homey as always. but sorry if we won't be inviting any guests for now. segan. no tiles lor..hehe..oh well, put aside the tiles crisis. we are looking forward for our first hubswife holidaaayyy! weeeee ♥ ♥ oh boy, we have not had a super loooongg holiday for quite some had been really mean to us *le sigh* and nowwww..we surely can't wait for our holideyyyyyy no more delay please..are bodies are sore to bones! we really need this! ;)

so will be away for two weeks aite. hope to keep u peeps posted! where to? haa...just wait aite ;) have a nice day! much love xx

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