Wednesday, September 11, 2013

last august, my lovely girls held an awesome Japanese themed bachelorette party.few weeks before my was the prettiest party ever! held at a Japanese restaurant in Curve, Senjyu. the girls were all looking lovely and very very japanese!! it was really overwhelming! but unfortunately, i was not feeling well on that day. like seriously unwell (sorry girls) i was having the worst menses and i was supposed to put on a Japanese Kimono (managed to borrow it from a dear friend) but I could not put it on since it was quite thick and uncomfortable to my condition at the moment. so i put on the ugliest dress cause it was the comfiest (sorryyyy) BUTTTT..i did have a greattt time!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ the set up was sssoooo gorgeous!! my cake was superrr kawaiiii ( love you girls super lonnggg time!!) and all my good friends turned up.. *flattered* thank you ladies! it was really really lovely ♥

p/s: greatest gratitude to all you girls who made the deco, ordered the beautiful cake and taking a good care of me during my not so well balik memang gelak guling u girls! muah!xx

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