Thursday, September 05, 2013

alhamdulillah..we are one week today.haha no, i don't count like every seconds or every day.. *cliche* but we are back in our own apartment now. cleaning up the house.doing laundries etc. normal life.but the best part is, i don't have to do it alone! my hubs is a such a great helper! i don't even get to catch up with his cleaning. he is pro man! haha lucky me ;P

our wedding alhamdulillah went smoothly.i have great friends and family who came all over the world! my japanese foster parents came too! and my favourite japanese teacher mitch sensei & wife was here for my big day too! and Norie, my my this one special girl truly taught me the meaning of loyal! she is always there throughout everything.thanks Norie.I will surely miss you while you're in Japan. I pray that you will get the chance to work here in Malaysia (she is sooo Malaysian! and i hope she will marry a Malaysian!) haha..and so to the rest of my darling family. my mom,my dad,my sister,brothers,in laws, uncles,aunts,cousins,little cousins,nephews,niece,close friends, best friends,everrrryyy one! masha Allah..thank u so muchhh for your time and all the kindness you've poured for our event to be a success. only Allah can return your kindness :)

all in all,i am glad and truly thankful that every thing went well.alhamdulillah.and the best part are the PRESENTS!! wowwww!! seronok pleaseeee!! i have like almost everything i've dreamt off!! thank u peeps! toche toche!! i even got my own Philips Stand Mixer. (idaman setiap wanita sebab taknak pukul telur dan tepung secara manual.lenguh kuttt!!) i am soo gonna bake soon! in Shaa Allah  (i hope my oven could bake cakes ;) ) and I even got some good Tefal stuffs, and some awesome household appliances! vacuum,kipas,toaster,fruit mixer,juicer..etc bestnyaa!! and lucky me, i got like every single thing in one.none of the gifts were repeated.hehe..i am OVERWHELMED! and i heard that hubs' friends are sending us our very own Philips Air Fryer soon! yeayyy!! my dream fryer!! alhamdulillah.. (^______^ ) *smiling from ear to ear* thank you kawan-kawan Acit ;)

will post on the gifts Shaa Allah..thank you everyone. I'm sure nothing could return your kindness except Allah's blessing for all of you :) ok.hafta get back to work.much love xx

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