Tuesday, August 06, 2013

subhanAllah..it's been a very very quick Ramadhan..masha Allah..what have we accomplished so far?? :(  this year, i did get few holes in between tarawih..i missed the first two weeks of Ramadhan too..but alhamdulillah, although I missed the jamaah for tarawih, i try my best to do it on my own. Alhamdulillah for the kudrat that Allah gave me this year..to go through another Ramadhan on my own. It's really sad that knowing it is leaving me soon..masha Allah..it is truly saddening..but at least you know what you have done during the Holy month which is only between you and Allah knows. wallahualam..

to those who gets the chance to experience Lailatu Qadr..alhamdulillah..may Allah grant you all your wishes and du'a. and as for the rest, don't worry, Allah has plans for all of us..our time will soon come to meet that special night..in Shaa Allah..

but don't be sad..Syawal is finally here too! alhamdulillah..i hope this year we will forget all the hardships,all the bad vibes, wrong doings of others, and whoever have grudges on you..or whoever you have grudges on..masha Allah..let us all forgive and forget. seek for forgiveness of others.. and may Allah forgive us all too :) Amin..

and this year is a very special Syawal for me too! most of my breakfast gang will be in KL for raya! yeay!! alia is coming back for raya, Azz is not going back to Kelantan until 2nd of Syawal, Farah is not going back to Kampung, and Shoe will be in Kota Damansara! yeayy!! first Syawal will be awesome!! wish Via and Id will be around too.. hehe takpe..balik kampung drive elok-elok naa..definitely gonna go beraya to everyone's house!! (what am i gonna cook for them!!) hehe..

and this year, will be the last Syawal for me and my darling family to mintak duit raya! hehe :P in Shaa Allah in 3 weeks time, i will be someone's wifey! *gosh! surreal! * LOL..i hope everything will be just fine and our preparations are down to few more left! bridezilla mode? alhamdulillah..no sign of it..YET :P ok peeps! I hope you will have a blessful Syawal and don't forget to bring out of what is left of Ramadhan..masha Allah..semoga kita dapat bertemu lagi Ya Ramadhan..

Selamat Hari Raya peeps! Maaf Zahir Batin kalau ada tersalah kata, terasa hati.. may Allah bless all of us..wallahualam :) much love xx

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