Thursday, August 15, 2013

i'm left with two weeks! can u believe it??time is no longer flying man..they.turboed zoom or something. but raya was cooked the yummiest soto and laksa johor and can you believe it?? we DID not take any photos of it! LOL (newsflas!) aduhh..we surely are hungry to not realizing finished in a flash! ;) mom's the best cook ever!

and farah came for Beraya with sofie and fanfan :) thanks for coming guys! first guest! hehe..after having farah over at our house, we then headed to azz's house for the yummiest nasi arab!! can we ask for more,azz?? *__* hehe..and then we went to alia's house in Kelana Jaya..that will be my second house for beraya :) and then we headed to sofie's friend's house for beraya..boy we are full!! third house pulak masak paratha yang tersedappp!! with siamese curry!! *lick fingers* my my..thank u for the yummy food people! I am blessed!

2nd raya, mom cooked lontong! yum yum! i am so lucky to have sucha good cook at home ;P and then we headed to one utama for dinner..Johnny's pun sedappp time time raya macam ni.. :P and that's when my phone got smashed..yes,my baby iphone5 is now in aid.haihh..dahlah lagi 2 minggu nak majlis..and i am phoneless. (i do have a phone.but all u can do is pm me at fb.i'll get back to u..huhu T__T )

but lucky my dad has his S2 to the i am currently using his phone and i hope my iphone could be fixed before the big day.talking about BIG DAY! boy i am starting to feel the nerve wrecking man.haha! sometimes i just shivered! i hope everything will be just fine. *chanting in my head over and over again* and i do hope nothing that will be missed out.last check will be next week.for the bunting and some last minute stuffs need to settle with the vendors and discussions with the hall people.haih..ok..taknak pikir banyak..breathe in...breathe out..breathe in...breathe out..all i know..i just wanna chill on weekends..bismillah :)  much love xx

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