Friday, August 23, 2013

i am officially declaring today as lucky seven! hehe..alhamdulillah..everything is all fine at the moment.or maybe i am trying to be calm.haha..but frankly nothing catastrophic or drama is going on.yet.but i do hope for NONE of it to happen so everything will be smooth sailing.can you believe it?? another 7 days to go!!

and today will be my last day at work.yippie!! and i'm taking a week off because i need to do some errands here and there..yup,as usual last minute.but nothing major though. cakes booked, door gifts done,cheque done,hantaran will be sent this Sunday, in Shaa Allah. what i am feeling right now? seriously..i am feeling a bit jittery.but!..but..i am ok :) i can sleep well (well, i'm not sure if i'm gonna be having trouble sleeping next week though :P ) but i am getting my 7hours sleep everyday..and i have done most of the important cleaning up the apartment making spaces in the closet for new clothes and new housemate *ehem*ehem* i'm left with sweeping and mopping the floor.need to get a new rug for the house though.IKEA here i come.hehe

the rest is just things like going to the mani/pedi and making appoinment with the waxing i need the whole week to make things one at a time :) got my steambath appoinment today and one last one next week.and some scrubba dubb dubb..and tonight i will have a sushi date with Nuwen & Mino ♥ yeay!! tomorrow is date with my sayang mummy hamzah :) and buying some new grasses for the lawn (that will be my dad's idea) and maybe some flowers too.

sunday will start off with major spring cleaning on the house and my room..and later i will have brunch date with my girls before the big day ahhhh..i am sooo gonna miss being single :P but i am surely looking forward to be a wife too! ;) he he he..and sunday will also be super duper packed with going to the bridal for one last fitting and getting my guest book from ajjah.and getting my nikah shawl from ecah.and going to my uncle's open house in bangi. ok dah.tu je..yang lain Shaa Allah :)

so that's my plan for this week.7 days to go..tick tock tick tock.. :) pray for me ok.positive vibes positive vibes!!! feed my skin!! aminnn ♥ much love xx

just some pretty pictures for pretty vibes ♥

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