Monday, August 26, 2013

i just finished cleaning up my room.boy,it took two days to clean up all the little things i kept since err.. 18? lol..i'm a very very bad hoarder. but i guess, i need to throw most of my stuffs.some of them were not even used for 3 years.mak aih! haha..i am sorry..poor things..i totally neglected you. but cleaning up and sorting things are really tricky. for one it is because my mom needs her cupboard back.pfftt..but i gave her some excuses so i can still leave some of my clothes there.sleepover. haha! seriously it works. i just tell her that i might need to sleepover at her place and head straight to work,or going to weddings,or any occasion that is in mom being a mom...(i know that she actually couldn't face the fact that i'm leaving.hah!) so..i made few space for 3 pairs of baju kurung.that's it :P so i was trying to put aside some stuffs ..sorting out which one to be thrown away,and which one should stay..but i get all emotional looking at some old stuffs and boy! haihh..moving out is hard :(

anyways, things are all sorted.packed and sent to my apartment. that's another story..went to Putrajaya and unpacked some stuffs.brought back some clothes and stuffs that i could not use or barely use anymore for the orphanages and collecting some old stuffs for the needy people.head back to ttdi to do another round of spring cleaning with my maid.need to do some decorations, changing the bed sheet,pillow cases, curtains, mop the floor..yada yada yada..glad i took a week i can take my time and complete all these tedious stuffs..pfft :P i haven't gone to mani & pedi yet.anyone free tomorrow? :P need to do it before thursday.come wednesday, i am already fully booked! need to do some last fitting on Rashid's side, clean up the apartment, get some bunga manggar,pick up my aunty from the airport.double confirm with all the vendors.hope all is well..aminnn!! and i'm done for the day.

my japanese friend, teacher and family are coming for my wedding so i need to meet them at the airport,send to the hotel,have some malay meals and head back by 10 cause RD will come and set up the dais and the hantarans. fewhhh! makin dekat makin banyak benda nak pray so that everything will be fine.amin..
oh i actually wanna post on my bridal shower..the sweetest the awesomest set up by my girlfriends.but i need to get some pictures from them cause i did not take any! i hope i could blog more before my big day despite the butterflies are outrageous in my tummy.haha! oh well, when the big day come, hentam  saja lah..haha! may Allah be with us and guide us all to happiness and success. :) gotta get my beauty sleep now. much love xx

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Friday, August 23, 2013

i am officially declaring today as lucky seven! hehe..alhamdulillah..everything is all fine at the moment.or maybe i am trying to be calm.haha..but frankly nothing catastrophic or drama is going on.yet.but i do hope for NONE of it to happen so everything will be smooth sailing.can you believe it?? another 7 days to go!!

and today will be my last day at work.yippie!! and i'm taking a week off because i need to do some errands here and there..yup,as usual last minute.but nothing major though. cakes booked, door gifts done,cheque done,hantaran will be sent this Sunday, in Shaa Allah. what i am feeling right now? seriously..i am feeling a bit jittery.but!..but..i am ok :) i can sleep well (well, i'm not sure if i'm gonna be having trouble sleeping next week though :P ) but i am getting my 7hours sleep everyday..and i have done most of the important cleaning up the apartment making spaces in the closet for new clothes and new housemate *ehem*ehem* i'm left with sweeping and mopping the floor.need to get a new rug for the house though.IKEA here i come.hehe

the rest is just things like going to the mani/pedi and making appoinment with the waxing i need the whole week to make things one at a time :) got my steambath appoinment today and one last one next week.and some scrubba dubb dubb..and tonight i will have a sushi date with Nuwen & Mino ♥ yeay!! tomorrow is date with my sayang mummy hamzah :) and buying some new grasses for the lawn (that will be my dad's idea) and maybe some flowers too.

sunday will start off with major spring cleaning on the house and my room..and later i will have brunch date with my girls before the big day ahhhh..i am sooo gonna miss being single :P but i am surely looking forward to be a wife too! ;) he he he..and sunday will also be super duper packed with going to the bridal for one last fitting and getting my guest book from ajjah.and getting my nikah shawl from ecah.and going to my uncle's open house in bangi. ok dah.tu je..yang lain Shaa Allah :)

so that's my plan for this week.7 days to go..tick tock tick tock.. :) pray for me ok.positive vibes positive vibes!!! feed my skin!! aminnn ♥ much love xx

just some pretty pictures for pretty vibes ♥

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

i'm left with two weeks! can u believe it??time is no longer flying man..they.turboed zoom or something. but raya was cooked the yummiest soto and laksa johor and can you believe it?? we DID not take any photos of it! LOL (newsflas!) aduhh..we surely are hungry to not realizing finished in a flash! ;) mom's the best cook ever!

and farah came for Beraya with sofie and fanfan :) thanks for coming guys! first guest! hehe..after having farah over at our house, we then headed to azz's house for the yummiest nasi arab!! can we ask for more,azz?? *__* hehe..and then we went to alia's house in Kelana Jaya..that will be my second house for beraya :) and then we headed to sofie's friend's house for beraya..boy we are full!! third house pulak masak paratha yang tersedappp!! with siamese curry!! *lick fingers* my my..thank u for the yummy food people! I am blessed!

2nd raya, mom cooked lontong! yum yum! i am so lucky to have sucha good cook at home ;P and then we headed to one utama for dinner..Johnny's pun sedappp time time raya macam ni.. :P and that's when my phone got smashed..yes,my baby iphone5 is now in aid.haihh..dahlah lagi 2 minggu nak majlis..and i am phoneless. (i do have a phone.but all u can do is pm me at fb.i'll get back to u..huhu T__T )

but lucky my dad has his S2 to the i am currently using his phone and i hope my iphone could be fixed before the big day.talking about BIG DAY! boy i am starting to feel the nerve wrecking man.haha! sometimes i just shivered! i hope everything will be just fine. *chanting in my head over and over again* and i do hope nothing that will be missed out.last check will be next week.for the bunting and some last minute stuffs need to settle with the vendors and discussions with the hall people.haih..ok..taknak pikir banyak..breathe in...breathe out..breathe in...breathe out..all i know..i just wanna chill on weekends..bismillah :)  much love xx

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Tuesday, August 06, 2013's been a very very quick Ramadhan..masha Allah..what have we accomplished so far?? :(  this year, i did get few holes in between tarawih..i missed the first two weeks of Ramadhan too..but alhamdulillah, although I missed the jamaah for tarawih, i try my best to do it on my own. Alhamdulillah for the kudrat that Allah gave me this go through another Ramadhan on my own. It's really sad that knowing it is leaving me soon..masha is truly saddening..but at least you know what you have done during the Holy month which is only between you and Allah knows. wallahualam..

to those who gets the chance to experience Lailatu Qadr..alhamdulillah..may Allah grant you all your wishes and du'a. and as for the rest, don't worry, Allah has plans for all of us..our time will soon come to meet that special Shaa Allah..

but don't be sad..Syawal is finally here too! alhamdulillah..i hope this year we will forget all the hardships,all the bad vibes, wrong doings of others, and whoever have grudges on you..or whoever you have grudges on..masha Allah..let us all forgive and forget. seek for forgiveness of others.. and may Allah forgive us all too :) Amin..

and this year is a very special Syawal for me too! most of my breakfast gang will be in KL for raya! yeay!! alia is coming back for raya, Azz is not going back to Kelantan until 2nd of Syawal, Farah is not going back to Kampung, and Shoe will be in Kota Damansara! yeayy!! first Syawal will be awesome!! wish Via and Id will be around too.. hehe takpe..balik kampung drive elok-elok naa..definitely gonna go beraya to everyone's house!! (what am i gonna cook for them!!) hehe..

and this year, will be the last Syawal for me and my darling family to mintak duit raya! hehe :P in Shaa Allah in 3 weeks time, i will be someone's wifey! *gosh! surreal! * LOL..i hope everything will be just fine and our preparations are down to few more left! bridezilla mode? sign of it..YET :P ok peeps! I hope you will have a blessful Syawal and don't forget to bring out of what is left of Ramadhan..masha Allah..semoga kita dapat bertemu lagi Ya Ramadhan..

Selamat Hari Raya peeps! Maaf Zahir Batin kalau ada tersalah kata, terasa hati.. may Allah bless all of us..wallahualam :) much love xx

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