Sunday, July 07, 2013

hello...i'm actually typing while lying on the bed.seriously.haha!thanks to blogger apps on iphone.well,i can't sleep lately.i'm starting to have body clock changing.i sleep at 2 and woke up at 6.almost every day.but i do get my quality i did not end up having eyebags haha (eyebags buat apa?? prada ke takpe gak :P) 

work had been supeeeerrrr they said 'dugaan nak kahwin ni macam macam' but alhamdulillah mine is more on preps alhamdulillah is 90% done..had my food testing today and it was yummmyyy :) i hope the guests will love it too..and i need to do some fitting and meet up with RD team for the nikah dais.and order some cakes.i hope everything will go as it planned in Shaa Allah

i still havent post about my birthday yet.this year was the awesomestttt alhamdulillah..but will blog about it soon.oh well,gotta go write some cards now.first 10 cards to be distributed ;) have a nice weekend y'all.much love xx

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