Monday, July 29, 2013

hey peeps! how was your weekend? :) mine was awesome as and good friends.ahh..that is all i need :)

so last weekend my family and i, well it was actually my parents and i. started to brainstorming and worrying about the little time we left with. masha Allah..can u believe it?? my wedding is in a month! and yes, i did not ramble much about it cause i was kinda busy at work too! (i thank Allah for that, so i won't be too busy worrying about my wedding :P) but alhamdulillah..everything are almost 90 % done. cards are all sent out (holler girls! hope u girls will get my card this week.) and everything is booked! except for my wedding cake! aaahhhhhh!! i should order now, right?? LOL but worry not, cause i've asked my 'cake person' :D it can be order in at least 1 insya Allah i will go and make an order tomorrow.

and funny is, I am super glad that 'my' part is so far..95% done (i hope i don't forget important things) parents,on the other hand is freaking out!! i think now i can see where the bridezilla auro is coming..haha! they are freaking out on the guest list (pfftt!! been there done that! tell me about it!) it drove me crazy previously..and now it's driving them! crazy. he he..sabar ye parents will be just fine. so last weekend was our brainstorming session on how to cut off some people of the list..boy,it was tough!! but we did some urmm..kind reconsideration.. (aduhh seriously susah..) and long story and dad has to add more chairs to the hall =P and now u tell me, who has more friends now?? haha..

but it wasn't that catastrophic lahh..just some urm..decision makings je. hehe..all in all, we managed to list out the guests and now we are down to...urm...waiting the big day! *yikes!* u know what, i'm starting to have trouble sleeping..huhu Allah,please don't make me have panda eyes..i really need to sleep without having heavy thoughts. boy nowadays, i have so many things racing in my head..dah macam F1 dah..everything goes in and weeeeennnnnngggg circle and circle..until i dozed off :P but I hope it doesn't stays for too long.Bismillah..and now my friends..pray for my smooth sailing event..and I hope that everything prepared will be accordingly..amin..much love xx

p/s : 30 days to go..Bismillah..

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