Friday, July 19, 2013

my office have a weekly tazkirah on every Friday. So we will have a short session of Al Quran reciting by each department (alternately) and each department will give us a short tazkirah. So today's tazkirah was about Credits. "Mengapa kita berhutang?"

So the first question he popped to us was "Why do u have credits?" the reason we have what we have now..are most probably we wanna be better than others..or we just wanna have things that others have. Agree? well i agree on some. some people wanna have Prada because others have. and now u can get Prada for cheaper price.. (nowadays everything is cheaper online!) and you can afford almost everything. many things that u have is actually on credit? The speaker told us that he only met ONE person who doesn't have! just one?? well he continues.."that person i met has no credits because he owns little but cost less.." he has a car. a second hand ones. ISWARA he said. and he paid CASH! yes..he paid cash. and he does not have anything in debt! he pays his house cash. every single thing is on cash. masha Allah..may Allah bless him.

the reason why he can pay cash is..because he takes time. TAKES TIME, PELAN...PELAN...(slowly) so he said that this kind of person thinks about having something but taking his own rush..slowly but surely..u will get what you want. unlike most of us, we are on debts because we want things right now! like pronto! tak sabar..camtu..just because we want new car for this Raya, we are willing to go to the showroom and buy a new car..just because..your neighbor next door has a new myVi :P my my! and you went to Courts Mammoth just to get a new set of furniture..just neighbor has a new set of leather sofa from Donatella :P miahahahha! aduhhhh...

tell me how many are there among you who has no debts? i'm sure most of u still live in a house which is in debt, car? or even handbags?? masha Allah..fanauzubillahi minzalik.

can u believe it? just because everyone owns it,doesn't mean they pay it with cash! so if they have fancy cars, clothes or even handbags..they are all in credits! debts! and yet, we keenly  wanna be part of that 'excitement' of having fancy and flashy new car or accessories! masha Allah..but I know, not all people pay things with credit cards..they have Debit Card I supposes..but..most people can't afford Chanel handbags, LV, Gucci Prada etc..but just because nowadays everything is one click away. Choose --> Made Paymenet  (installment) --> Sent! fewhh!! very very dangerous (talking to myself too! :P ) some of us are in debts just because we wanna be part of that society who likes flashing off whatever you are wearing today. OOTD..what my boyfriend bought me..what my husband did on my anniversary, where i went..what i eat.. (kalau masak sendiri takpe..haha) you see what i mean? this was also a reminder for me. Tazkirah,remember? :)

I hope you will not be in any of these group of people..if you are..repent :P and please try your best to get out of this mess..cos it does get messier.. people spent money on unnecessary stuffs..and even food! masha Allah..may it be a reminder for ourselves too aite. Hope this will be an eye opener for you..maybe for me too :) hope all is well! much love xx

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