Thursday, July 11, 2013

hey peeps! hows Ramadhan so far? i hope everyone is trying your best to be a better Shaa Allah..

well,as you all know..i turned 29 recently..Alhamdulillah..and the best part is..i turned 29 on the 29th June :) the long awaited day and age of my life *wide smileeeee* i am thankful for i am still alive until today and i am blessed to have beautiful family and friends who love me dearly.on the 28th, i went for a sushi date with Nuwen..she treat me sushi! ahhhh i feel so much love when it comes to sushi! ;P thanks chunkie.and my chunkie is already 5 months pregnant! alhamdulillah..i can't believe it..(kandou shita!) i can't wait to see the baby soon, in Shaa Allah..

my new fave : salmon maki :)

chunkie with her 5months old baby in the tummy :)

on the 29th, my darling sister came and treat me from breakfast to lunch! ♥ u kakak! thank you sooo muchh for the yummy food.we went out walking around the mall..with her family and we sure did had a quality time.and my little niece sang a birthday song for me :) alhamdulillah..i'm a happy bunny! =B

my lunch treat from sis, of course at Santai ;)

and in the evening,mister promised to meet me up for an early dinner.and so we had our dinner at my favourite place in the world (haha) Chilli's! and we had the yummiest and the fluffiest mash potato!he gave me another card this year (present rahsia..hehe) and as usual..he melted me with every single word..haihh..i'm really a chic flick kinda girl,huh.LOL but reminiscing..last year,he proposed to me on my birthday too! so this year,i have nothing else to say but Alhamdulillah that we are actually taking the plunge and in 7 weeks..we are getting hitched!in Shaa Allah (^___^) as for my birthday with him, the celebration was simple..yet special *blush* we just had dinner..dessert and stroll in the mall.. *bliss*

the happy bunny

the happy man :)

with Paradise, by Haagen Dazs

and the next day, i had breakfast with my ttdi girls.and missy aliaa is sooo pregnant! hehe she's 6 weeks away from her EDD hehe :P glowing as always..aliaa look sooo pretty with her pregnancy glow :) and ma lava lava was there too!ahh i miss u girls! catching up with u girls are surely fun fun! ♥ although it was a quick catch least we get to see each other before Ramadhan and before Aliaa's baby out :P

lav & aliaa & little baby inside ;)

and after quick breakfast with my girls..i went straight to The Gardens to  meet lil miss muffet who is back for good in KL! ;)  yeayy!! lilo & stitch is back! had we had some light lunch and she gave me this lovely gift! thanks lela ♥

lilo & stitch :)

and i rushed of to my spa appoinment. got a complimentary for my birthday from the spa i gone to..and it was the best feeling ever.had a steam bath and sweat like hell! best best! and they did some coffee scrub on me..ahhh..just something to take my mind of my work and hectic life..cewahh..right after the spa, i went to meet my lovely girlfriends.(haih..i lap you ols long time lahhh) and farah made a birthday cake for via and i.yeayy!! yummmmiesttt!! thanks farah! u know i love u! i think i had the best birthday celebration ever,this year. we chat and chat and chat..and ended our evening with face timing Alia all the way from UK! holler!!

we're super stoked with our birthday cake :D

ma lovely ladies ♥

thanks v,for the birthday bangles ♥

face-timing alia! we miss u!! ♥

farah's home made birthday cake for both of us :)
alhamdulillah..i am officially 29 this year.and just like i vowed to myself 8 years Shaa Allah..i'm getting married this year. preparations? hehe..alhamdulillah everything is running smoothly..for now.i will update about that later.need to focus on my work before taking my long leavesss..haha..and i hope in 7 weeks time..everything will go accordingly..ameen..ok! gotta go now..need to help mom prepare food for iftar! have a nice iftar lovelies! much love xx

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