Monday, July 29, 2013

hey peeps! how was your weekend? :) mine was awesome as and good friends.ahh..that is all i need :)

so last weekend my family and i, well it was actually my parents and i. started to brainstorming and worrying about the little time we left with. masha Allah..can u believe it?? my wedding is in a month! and yes, i did not ramble much about it cause i was kinda busy at work too! (i thank Allah for that, so i won't be too busy worrying about my wedding :P) but alhamdulillah..everything are almost 90 % done. cards are all sent out (holler girls! hope u girls will get my card this week.) and everything is booked! except for my wedding cake! aaahhhhhh!! i should order now, right?? LOL but worry not, cause i've asked my 'cake person' :D it can be order in at least 1 insya Allah i will go and make an order tomorrow.

and funny is, I am super glad that 'my' part is so far..95% done (i hope i don't forget important things) parents,on the other hand is freaking out!! i think now i can see where the bridezilla auro is coming..haha! they are freaking out on the guest list (pfftt!! been there done that! tell me about it!) it drove me crazy previously..and now it's driving them! crazy. he he..sabar ye parents will be just fine. so last weekend was our brainstorming session on how to cut off some people of the list..boy,it was tough!! but we did some urmm..kind reconsideration.. (aduhh seriously susah..) and long story and dad has to add more chairs to the hall =P and now u tell me, who has more friends now?? haha..

but it wasn't that catastrophic lahh..just some urm..decision makings je. hehe..all in all, we managed to list out the guests and now we are down to...urm...waiting the big day! *yikes!* u know what, i'm starting to have trouble sleeping..huhu Allah,please don't make me have panda eyes..i really need to sleep without having heavy thoughts. boy nowadays, i have so many things racing in my head..dah macam F1 dah..everything goes in and weeeeennnnnngggg circle and circle..until i dozed off :P but I hope it doesn't stays for too long.Bismillah..and now my friends..pray for my smooth sailing event..and I hope that everything prepared will be accordingly..amin..much love xx

p/s : 30 days to go..Bismillah..

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Friday, July 19, 2013

my office have a weekly tazkirah on every Friday. So we will have a short session of Al Quran reciting by each department (alternately) and each department will give us a short tazkirah. So today's tazkirah was about Credits. "Mengapa kita berhutang?"

So the first question he popped to us was "Why do u have credits?" the reason we have what we have now..are most probably we wanna be better than others..or we just wanna have things that others have. Agree? well i agree on some. some people wanna have Prada because others have. and now u can get Prada for cheaper price.. (nowadays everything is cheaper online!) and you can afford almost everything. many things that u have is actually on credit? The speaker told us that he only met ONE person who doesn't have! just one?? well he continues.."that person i met has no credits because he owns little but cost less.." he has a car. a second hand ones. ISWARA he said. and he paid CASH! yes..he paid cash. and he does not have anything in debt! he pays his house cash. every single thing is on cash. masha Allah..may Allah bless him.

the reason why he can pay cash is..because he takes time. TAKES TIME, PELAN...PELAN...(slowly) so he said that this kind of person thinks about having something but taking his own rush..slowly but surely..u will get what you want. unlike most of us, we are on debts because we want things right now! like pronto! tak sabar..camtu..just because we want new car for this Raya, we are willing to go to the showroom and buy a new car..just because..your neighbor next door has a new myVi :P my my! and you went to Courts Mammoth just to get a new set of furniture..just neighbor has a new set of leather sofa from Donatella :P miahahahha! aduhhhh...

tell me how many are there among you who has no debts? i'm sure most of u still live in a house which is in debt, car? or even handbags?? masha Allah..fanauzubillahi minzalik.

can u believe it? just because everyone owns it,doesn't mean they pay it with cash! so if they have fancy cars, clothes or even handbags..they are all in credits! debts! and yet, we keenly  wanna be part of that 'excitement' of having fancy and flashy new car or accessories! masha Allah..but I know, not all people pay things with credit cards..they have Debit Card I supposes..but..most people can't afford Chanel handbags, LV, Gucci Prada etc..but just because nowadays everything is one click away. Choose --> Made Paymenet  (installment) --> Sent! fewhh!! very very dangerous (talking to myself too! :P ) some of us are in debts just because we wanna be part of that society who likes flashing off whatever you are wearing today. OOTD..what my boyfriend bought me..what my husband did on my anniversary, where i went..what i eat.. (kalau masak sendiri takpe..haha) you see what i mean? this was also a reminder for me. Tazkirah,remember? :)

I hope you will not be in any of these group of people..if you are..repent :P and please try your best to get out of this mess..cos it does get messier.. people spent money on unnecessary stuffs..and even food! masha Allah..may it be a reminder for ourselves too aite. Hope this will be an eye opener for you..maybe for me too :) hope all is well! much love xx

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

when i was a little girl..i've always wanted a baby sister so i can ask her to do all the house chores! LOL well,i never told my mom..but i guess i was thinking aloud when she said,i'm gonna have a baby brother.Alhamdulillah..i never regretted for having one. he's always a nice kid to be my bully lah..i don't bully my brother lah..biasalah..kakak,mesti suruh adik buat macam-macam :P and so i am always the little sister..when i was 12 ..i got an offer letter to enter the boarding school in KL.boy i was excited cause it was the dream school i've been wanting to go since i was 10! :P so 5 years in boarding school..i rarely spent my time at home with my family. but i know i was this fragile girl..that always in need of attention.but of course, i pretended to be strong and independent :(

when i finished high school.i spent 1 month at home but still, going out once a while working part time. getting my own money from my part time job at Toys R Us. i earned 1k..and i bought my very own nokia 3210. then again..i got an offer to continue my studies in Kuala Pilah for a year. boy, the first day my parents left me..i cried almost every night :( and after a year,I made it through..i got an offer for a degree in Software Engineering in Pahang. but I rejected and I chose UPM (for obvious reasons! :P) . First year went well..Serdang and TTDI is just 30minutes away ;P but I don't have a car by i traveled by commuter & buses. And then, after a year in UPM..i got an offer to study in Japan for a  semester (8months) and i hafta be away (again!) from my family :(  it was reallllly harddd..seriously.being thousand kilometers away could drive me crazy. but i was again, pretended to be strong. First raya without my family in 2004. sob sob.sniff sniff.but I do treasure every moment i spent there. every people i met, every friends and made who are still now, keeping touch with me :)  and in 2005, i was back in Malaysia and continue my degree in Computer System until I graduated in 2007.i worked for 3 years in Hartamas. the best 3 years of my life! being close to my mom,dad and brother. but it was hell, as my work is torturing me (I even got my first Asthma from my stressful work..sob) and by then, i was this bigger sister with bigger responsibilities to take care little brother and the house chores..because my elder brother and sister were married and moved out.

but in 2009, i got an offer to work in Putrajaya..and boy,i traveled back and fourth from TTDI-PUTRA just because I don't wanna be away from my family. but after a while, i need to find a place to stay since i could not tolerate with the unacceptable traffic in a KL.. so I finally found a place to stay in Putrajaya..and i'm back to stay on my own for almost 4 years now..haihh..what a life..but i do make sure that i will go back to mom's every weekend.yup.without fail! :P along the way, i met a nice guy and Alhamdulillah..he had made me feel what every woman should feel, loved and appreciated..after 3 years of relationship, he finally popped the question..and so I said yes :)

and now...after all these years,slowly i'm feeling the same feeling i had 11 years ago.the feeling of being taken away from my family. for me, being the only girl or elder sister is different with the feeling of being that little girl when u know u have elder siblings to look up to and you have to be independent because you're not that little sister anymore. but being a little sister made me feel like i can't face this 'being independent' anymore. i was pretending strong for too long now..hoping that i could just be that little girl and just be under my mom and dad's protection. but seriously,it's like struggling with my own loneliness but at the same time trying to be strong. neglected but needing..but Allah has better plans for me..maybe.

this time, I will be have to be independent again..figuring what life's gonna be after be building my 'own' family. Masha Allah..besarnya tanggungjawab tu..but I do hope that Allah will guide me to the right much as He has guided me to the paths I've been through for the past 11 years.i wish this little girl is strong enough to face the world. to sail through life with the love of her Shaa Allah.. with this few weeks left..i wish I could just treasure every single moment I could with family and friends, so I would cherish each and every one of it.and i know i've done what i should've done when I look back at it right.. right? ;)  lets hope so....much love xx

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

hey peeps! hows Ramadhan so far? i hope everyone is trying your best to be a better Shaa Allah..

well,as you all know..i turned 29 recently..Alhamdulillah..and the best part is..i turned 29 on the 29th June :) the long awaited day and age of my life *wide smileeeee* i am thankful for i am still alive until today and i am blessed to have beautiful family and friends who love me dearly.on the 28th, i went for a sushi date with Nuwen..she treat me sushi! ahhhh i feel so much love when it comes to sushi! ;P thanks chunkie.and my chunkie is already 5 months pregnant! alhamdulillah..i can't believe it..(kandou shita!) i can't wait to see the baby soon, in Shaa Allah..

my new fave : salmon maki :)

chunkie with her 5months old baby in the tummy :)

on the 29th, my darling sister came and treat me from breakfast to lunch! ♥ u kakak! thank you sooo muchh for the yummy food.we went out walking around the mall..with her family and we sure did had a quality time.and my little niece sang a birthday song for me :) alhamdulillah..i'm a happy bunny! =B

my lunch treat from sis, of course at Santai ;)

and in the evening,mister promised to meet me up for an early dinner.and so we had our dinner at my favourite place in the world (haha) Chilli's! and we had the yummiest and the fluffiest mash potato!he gave me another card this year (present rahsia..hehe) and as usual..he melted me with every single word..haihh..i'm really a chic flick kinda girl,huh.LOL but reminiscing..last year,he proposed to me on my birthday too! so this year,i have nothing else to say but Alhamdulillah that we are actually taking the plunge and in 7 weeks..we are getting hitched!in Shaa Allah (^___^) as for my birthday with him, the celebration was simple..yet special *blush* we just had dinner..dessert and stroll in the mall.. *bliss*

the happy bunny

the happy man :)

with Paradise, by Haagen Dazs

and the next day, i had breakfast with my ttdi girls.and missy aliaa is sooo pregnant! hehe she's 6 weeks away from her EDD hehe :P glowing as always..aliaa look sooo pretty with her pregnancy glow :) and ma lava lava was there too!ahh i miss u girls! catching up with u girls are surely fun fun! ♥ although it was a quick catch least we get to see each other before Ramadhan and before Aliaa's baby out :P

lav & aliaa & little baby inside ;)

and after quick breakfast with my girls..i went straight to The Gardens to  meet lil miss muffet who is back for good in KL! ;)  yeayy!! lilo & stitch is back! had we had some light lunch and she gave me this lovely gift! thanks lela ♥

lilo & stitch :)

and i rushed of to my spa appoinment. got a complimentary for my birthday from the spa i gone to..and it was the best feeling ever.had a steam bath and sweat like hell! best best! and they did some coffee scrub on me..ahhh..just something to take my mind of my work and hectic life..cewahh..right after the spa, i went to meet my lovely girlfriends.(haih..i lap you ols long time lahhh) and farah made a birthday cake for via and i.yeayy!! yummmmiesttt!! thanks farah! u know i love u! i think i had the best birthday celebration ever,this year. we chat and chat and chat..and ended our evening with face timing Alia all the way from UK! holler!!

we're super stoked with our birthday cake :D

ma lovely ladies ♥

thanks v,for the birthday bangles ♥

face-timing alia! we miss u!! ♥

farah's home made birthday cake for both of us :)
alhamdulillah..i am officially 29 this year.and just like i vowed to myself 8 years Shaa Allah..i'm getting married this year. preparations? hehe..alhamdulillah everything is running smoothly..for now.i will update about that later.need to focus on my work before taking my long leavesss..haha..and i hope in 7 weeks time..everything will go accordingly..ameen..ok! gotta go now..need to help mom prepare food for iftar! have a nice iftar lovelies! much love xx

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Sunday, July 07, 2013

hello...i'm actually typing while lying on the bed.seriously.haha!thanks to blogger apps on iphone.well,i can't sleep lately.i'm starting to have body clock changing.i sleep at 2 and woke up at 6.almost every day.but i do get my quality i did not end up having eyebags haha (eyebags buat apa?? prada ke takpe gak :P) 

work had been supeeeerrrr they said 'dugaan nak kahwin ni macam macam' but alhamdulillah mine is more on preps alhamdulillah is 90% done..had my food testing today and it was yummmyyy :) i hope the guests will love it too..and i need to do some fitting and meet up with RD team for the nikah dais.and order some cakes.i hope everything will go as it planned in Shaa Allah

i still havent post about my birthday yet.this year was the awesomestttt alhamdulillah..but will blog about it soon.oh well,gotta go write some cards now.first 10 cards to be distributed ;) have a nice weekend y'all.much love xx

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