Tuesday, June 04, 2013

hey peeps!! i know i am like the most boring bride to be in the universe! LOL sorry..i have nothing much to update just that my checklist are mostly CHECKED! yeayy!! and i am really looking forward for June since that's the only excitement that I can have reasons to relax and shop!! yeayyy!! (i'm turning 29 soon!yeayy!)

alhamdulillah, i've completed my Pre-wed Course. And it was really really awesome! i never knew this kind of course was super awesome and fun! seriously nothing cheesy or menggelikan were taught.more of educational and humour! i like! and it did not bore me for the whole two days of course.the class was jam packed! and the lecturers are all these famous Ustaz & Ustazah who are commonly on TV.cool!

and so, all i need to do now is to get my HIV test done and the fill up the rest of the forms next week, in Shaa Allah if everything goes accordingly..

and the best part is..i can finally plan for my holidays!! like super looooonggg!! it's revenge time! HAHAHAH come august, i will take leave every single month until the end of year! BAHAHAHAHA *evil laughs* hamek ko! i have been holding back my grudge to all these people who had been going holidays none stop yaa...wait and see haa..it's my turn now! hahahaha (amboi bahagia betul dapat cuti!)

i was green in envy when people were going here and there for holiday.cuti sekolah.cuti wesak.cuti gawai.semua cuti ko nak berjalan ya! so takpe..i will be calm..and relax.and wait till raya, i will gear myself up and full throtle! weehooo!! ok peeps! wish me luck for my preps! the last thing to do now is DIET! (like seriously..i need to fit in those gorgeous dress..haha the usual B2B nightmare!) i know that i'm not that fat or that thin..but..but..it's just the natural feeling of every B2B thinking that they are  not 'small enough' to fit in those dresses.hahaha and so,wish me luck on that too ok! ;) have a nice day peeps! much love xx

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