Friday, June 21, 2013

hey peeps! how are uuuuuu? Alhamdulillah all is well for me.for now :P and yeah, actually i just recover from a bad sprain on my right wrist. tada!

and yeah,that was the only picture i have cause the rest of the pictures keep reminding me of the sore loser i was! haha well, i sprained my wrist during the syariah courts sport festival netball tournament.during the quarter final.i didn't know i sprained it badly until i finished the whole game til final. huh T___T unfortunately..we lost to Perlis by 6-5.pfftt but Allah have plans for me.after the whole stressful week of work and tournaments..i get to rest for a week! yeayy!! but my wrist is still recovering. I can still feel the 'sengal' sometimes while even turning the doorknob *sob*sob* the funny story is, i went to see the doctor the day after i fell and sprained my the bruises were quite obvious and my middle finger were like gigantic if u can see in the picture. well,the doctor at first told me to take an xray of my wrist.just in case i broke it.

well as u can see..when your hand bruises or swelling, the image became unsure or u can say..not so the first doctor said that my bones (ulna?) seem dislocated. whatt?? ok that was the most shocking news on Sunday evening (9th June) so i was being brave, and asked the doctor will my wrist be braced or cemented?? and he said my wrist need to be cemented.can u imagine?? with my head thinking of about my wedding which will be in two months time.and boleh dia cakap aku kena simen tangan?? whatdehel wehh..mashaAllah..i went straight home to TTDI and went straight to DSH. i was beyondd absurd..huuu..nervous punya nervous.long story short,went and met the Ortophedics and alhamdulillah,he said i had a bad fall and sprained my wrist badly and it need to be braced for a week T__T syahdu terus.seminggu taleh seminggu bertangan robot..huhu..but alhamdulillah..i have loving family,fiance and friends who took a good care of me.and even sent some nice banana cake.omnomnom..and now,i am recovering..but still having tingle here and there..but in Shaa Allah..everything will be fine.and tak sia sia tangan terseliuh..cos my team won Silver!! wooohooo!! (i think kalau tangan i tak sakit,i can score more goals. :P LOL) for my passion..i become a patient :P

well it's all worth it ;)  we had a great time and so did i.hope to win Gold in 2015. In Shaa Allah.i can't wait for next weekend.i have my schedule packed! yeay!! can u believe it?? I'm turning 29 on the 29th ;) have a nice weekend peeps! much love xx

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