Thursday, May 23, 2013

i was really in a super low mood few weeks back..and even this week (a little bit) and then i was feeling sooo loww..that i stumbled upon this old song.which really really hit me..

Don't you ever wish you were someone else,
You were meant to be the way you are exactly.
Don't you ever say you don't like the way you are. 
When you learn to love yourself, you're better off by far.
And I hope you always stay the same, 
cuz there's nothin' 'bout you I would change.

I think that you could be whatever you wanted to be
If you could realize, all the dreams you have inside.
Don't be afraid if you've got something to say,
Just open up your heart and let it show you the way.

Believe in yourself.
Reach down inside.
The love you find will set you free.
Believe in yourself, you will come alive.
Have faith in what you do.
You'll make it through.

True enough huh? :) may this song gives you strength too! life is too short to be angry or sad over,don't you think? much love xx

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

1) new clothes.i have no time to shop :(

2) new perfume.i have no time to shop :(

3) new pants.i have no time to shop (again)

4) HOLIDAY!!!! i have no time to take holiday. NONE NONE NONE!!

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

hey peeps! happy mother's day to all mommies that i know of! Mama, Mak, aunties, friends who are mother of two,one or future mommies..i hope u will have an awesome weekend with nice food and presents from your love ones! ♥

this year,mother's day..truly taught me the greatest lesson i've never had in my whole life...i was down with the weirdest menstrual pain and all i can think of is my mom :(  i wasn't well this week due to a serious sharp pain in my stomach which i dunno where it came from..and well,as some of you who knows..on weekdays, i'm staying on my no family nor friends who live nearby (yes, i truly can't wait till encik becomes my housemate..these kind of worrying stuffs DO happens!) so i was just having my usual menses when suddenly, it woke me up as early as 5.40am. sharp pain from inside the tummy and i do not know how to make it go away!! this one really made me roll over the floor, screaming and crying (in an acceptable manner) and i could not think of anyone else but my mom! if some people said that having 'minor' contractions are like having your menstrual pain..i am saluting all moms! for me, the pain is like MAJOR ones kut!!! T____T  i was clueless and hopeless .i've made two glasses of milk. drank it up.took the pain killer.had the gastric pills..and nothing helped! the cramp was MashaAllah..i could not explain! i puked..and puked due to the stomach re fluxing perhaps from me taking the pain killer which did not even kill the PAIN :( :(  i hang on until 8am and called my mom to come over.but she could not do so,she has no car :(  so i waited a bit longer,and rang mister..and lucky he could come and brought me some food so i could at least eat something and i could pop the pills again.but mom was worried.she told mister to send me least, she can look after was really really scarryy!! i was shivering.i turned pale.i can't move..boy i was crying along the way from LDP to TTDI.. (worst experience ever.and i think this is my precautions before getting preggy??pfftt!) and as soon as i reached home. hugged mom. mom gave me some stomach cramp pills.and voila! all the pain the ached the i dunno what you should call it,went poof! GONE! it's like in 3 split seconds! it's GONE!!

just seeing my mom.had some pills..i am good as new! *PELIK!* seriously pelik! i dunno what magic did my mom do..but all the pain just gone away..flew out of the window..and i slept like a baby without any pain for the rest of the evening. SubhanaAllah..kuasa Allah betul lah..for me..i could not think of anyone else at that moment..but my mom.and i am thankful that encik was there to send me home. kalau tak, i might have blacked out..and god knows what else could happen to me :(

i love you mama..not only today..but everyday and Always til Jannah..may Allah give me all the love in the world so i can give the love back to you. you had done soooo many many many things for me and i am thankful and blessed for having the one and only Zaiton Mahmood as my mother ♥ love you ma.happy mother's day xoxo

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Saturday, May 04, 2013

1.  I can't wait for the polling day to be over.

2.  I can't wait till all these crazy works to settle down by itself :P

3. I can't wait till end of May, hoping that I could sort things out by then.

4. I can't wait for my short trip on weekend (in May!)

5. I can't wait to settle all these crazy things going on in my head.

6. I can't wait to keep calm, and say I do :)

p/s : i need a break.i need a break.i need a break.i can't stop chanting that in my head,which driving me insane.and yes, i can feel the anxieties are starting to creep in slowly in my skin. *le sigh* may Allah be with me and guide me to the right path. Bismillah..

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