Thursday, April 04, 2013

hello!hows your week peeps?mine was whoooshhh!! like a lightning..sigh i wish time moves like snails..or sloth? huuuu =/ anyways, looking at the calendar..i was like whhhaaaaat?i am left with another FOUR MONTHS?? masha Allah..cepatnya masa berlalu.and if you're expecting me to put up posts like most of the bride to sorry..maybe i am not good at giving i do some of my checklists from some of the ex bride to bes! thank you soo much!! their tips are all super duper helpful! alhamdulillah.

right now i think i need to start to get all the papers done.borang here..borang lets focus on that first. and of course getting our cards done too! yeayy! tinggal nak scan peta jee (eh belum siap dah yeay!hehe) hantarans are all i need to do some little stuffs like listing out the guest *peningest part!* and then..menerjah tailor untuk menyiapkan baju from time to time.hehe..

so next month, i hafta TRY to slot in Kursus Kahwin in TTDI.and then i will need to settle the borang like super wajib by this moment.this month kasi chance relax relax lagi.hehe but this month kena bagi kain kat dua insan istimewa ni..haihhh sangat lah busy ms Doctor Shila & Engineer Lela..pfftt! :P hope to get their dresses done before June.AMIN!

as for now, lemme just sit back and enjoy another two weeks of relaxation..and gear in to full throtle in may! whoooshh!! little bit more bebeh..little bit more :">

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