Friday, March 22, 2013

i am currently listening to Mika - Relax, Take it Easy..over and over again..yes,i am slowly creeping into freaking out phase.sometimes.when i was not doing work or mind trails.and sometimes i become anxious for no reasons.sheeshh!

but alhamdulillah..i am thankful that my work had keep me busy weekends are filled with friends and family time.and yes,i've started running again. YEAY!! and this time no bleed :D alhamdulillah..and i have new partner on weekdays too! FALIHAN! ♥ and old friend from previous workplace.and she brought me to this beautiful place to jog/run.superb view!

 i did not know that they have such nice place here.LOL (duduk sini 3 tahun pun tak tahu ke nyahhh) hehe..and it's kinda fun running with your friend and catching least it helps me destressing..

well,actually..i would say that i am still calm for my wedding preparations..for now.if people asked me how's the preparation, i would say..almost done.everything is booked.make up,photographer,videographer,hall setups,solemnization dais,hantarans,doorgifts,and the catering and stuffs.but the itsy bitsy teeny weenie would be the wedding cards,the guest lists,family dresses,and looking for some wedding shoes.tu je..oh i almost forgot to list out THESE important things! LOL..well,of course i have to attend the Kursus Kahwin first right?? haha yeahh..i have not attended the course yet.i hope it did not totally slipped out of my mind though.but it's ok.i promise i will go this April. once settled..i will start focusing on all the borang-borang which need to be settled for my wedding right? (surat kebenaran bernikah (rashid), HIV test,borang itu,borang ini..hohoho ok dah cuak!) but the list of things to do for the house, for myself and stuffs to get prepared for the new man.haha! none! NADA is done yet..i will look for some furnitures and stuffs.but malas.maybe i will buy it in June or July.i need to get myself to saloon and spas too,but malas! haha semuanya malas.i think i am too busy lazing around :P

please..please give me an advice or that it will boost up my enthusiasm so i can be all psyched and excited but no,please don't stress me up or try to scare me with some bridezilla shits.hehe thanks! have a nice weekend awesome possums! much love xx

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