Monday, March 04, 2013

1) losyen tangan sebab seumur hidup malas gila nak losyen tangan kaki badan semua :P (booooo!! ok chunkie must be laughing at me right now)

2) potong rambut bagi kemas. sebab rambut dan tangled from the haywired mind.haha..sebab rambut tak pernah nak concern sebab alhamdulillah saya berhijab so macam tak berapa nak concern sangat ehhh sebab setakat shampoo je pernah HAHAHA (eh berapa banyak kali sebab??)

3) spa mepa well,i know every girl needs to pamper herself yada yada yada..but, i have my reasons.i have yet gone to any spas becauseeee..i have no time!! i don't have time to spend 4-5 hours of doing nothing *sigh*Sigh* but i will find a time.i will.i promise!

4) diet.haha seriously HAHAHAHA adehh this part is like woahhh! i tried man.i really tried to avoid myself from eating.but oh well,every man every girls pun mesti lah makan kan.but i am in my ideal weight actually.funny is..i'm almost under weight.(ok tipu je! hahahah) but this little body cannot go any thinner ok.i will look ugly (really skinny ugly) cehh alasann..but alhamdulillah, i am back to my previous weight 5 years back ;)

5) getting the house prepped up for the new man *ehem*ehem* well,the house needs a looooott of improvements.and i dun think the drawers or even the walk in wardrobe has ANY space for new clothes.hahahah..ok gonna figure out this later.

so yupe.6 months to go..and i shall add up more on the to do list.well at least i need to strike these out first,right? ;) much love xx

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