Friday, March 29, 2013

hey ho! pejam celik pejam celik..cepatnya masa berlaluuuuuu...panjang sket uuuu tu sebab seriously rasa cam nak mengeluh panjang pun ada..nak tarik nafas lega, belum lagi :')

sedar tak sedar,tinggal lagi 5 bulan je segala keserabutan ini bakal terungkai.ha ha ha..tapi jangan nak diserabutkan sangat pun..sebab benda yang kita nak buat ni, ibadah. dan juga tuntutan Islam..tapi...tapi...serious saya lapar. eh? tiba-tiba selit kelaparan pulak (haha..sebenarnya tengah tunggu Dominos Pizza.ada ke patut dia kata delivery dia 1 jam setengah??gilo ko apo? tapi sebab lapar..dan teringin..tunggu konon nak bagi hilang lapar, blog ler jawabnyaa..) back to the story..hmm nak kata nervous? excited? looking forward? of course ada.tapi kalau ada orang tanya "takut tak?" pehhh serious takut..SERIOUS,TAK TIPU! dalam masa 5 bulan ni juga, saya bakal menjadi isteri orang.uishh..besarnya tanggungjawab tu..senang dapat pahala dan senang jugalah saya nak dapat dosa :(  ish ish ish..semoga Allah permudahkan semua tu..i'm sure most people yang dah kahwin,dah ada anak..akan cakap "ish..kawen senang jee...akad nikah..sudahhh..settled!" hahaha..i wish..i really really will be that easy..tapi janganlah kita anggap sebagai beban pulak,kan? ye dak? hehe

saya tahu, kahwin tu best (haha! quoting on most of my besties yang dah kawen lah kan..) but what's behind the marriage life tu,semua rahsia rumah tangga masing-masing.kan? :) tapi i really really hope that although hardships or easyships (ada ke? :P)  i will try my best to be the best i can lah..he he he..amin In Shaa Allah.. (ketaq lutut!) Allah knows what's the best for us,right?  oh well, i better stop now..just some thoughts that had been inside my head,lets just go with the flow..although to do lists sangatlah panjang Shaa Allah..may Allah guide me to the right path :) kan? kan? ok. toodles! much love xx

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Monday, March 25, 2013

hey ho! if there's a hashtag for posts in blog.i would describe my post as laterpost? :D hehe..last month we had a suprise baby shower for our mommy to be, Shoe ♥ it was quite an adhoc one and we managed to pull it off! yeay!! thanks to our rockstar daddy to be,Adib ;)

shoe has no idea that Adib is actually planning with us,the breakfast gang to have a small baby shower for we asked Adib to drag Shoe to BSC so we can have our little surprise at Alexis. funny is, Adib was being all weird and told Shoe that he wanted to have something at Alexis. And Shoe was like "oh,ok" and they went to BSC with Adib wearing sempoi tshirt and flipflops..they went to BSC with us planning out our little surprise.he he..but Adib & Shoe actually arrived earlier at the BSC while we were still on our way to the designated venue :P so adib pretended to buy some 'things' at Guardian! brilliant like that ;) hehe..

and so when all of us were there..Adib & Shoe came inside the gang's hideout and Shoe was shocked to see us all! :D :D heh heh..mission accomplished! she even went shy shy cat walking towards us.. :D :D :D but yeah..we felt happy to see her face glowed with joy & shock!

so cute lah shoe so malu malu like that!

daddy and mommy rockstar B-)

it's been a while since we had our little get together anyway..and it was goooooddd to have our old friend, Pavlova back to join us..haha! and we also had some awesome pizza! yum yum..

but our little sister, Id could not joined us because she has to attend her BF's wedding.if she's around,i bet meriah satu restaurant and we are always missing you too, Alia ♥ (holler all the way to the UKland)

all of us girls with Mommy Shoe ♥
it was just nice..simple but nice..having all of us together talking about the super excited happy parents :) in Shaa Allah, they will become an awesome parents.AMINNN..and now,as i'm typing away..Shoe is now in the labor room,waiting for the little one to come out. in Shaa Allah..everything will be fine Shoe ♥ we love you! and may you and Adib become a good and happy parents! yeayy!! Fanfan and Hamzah will get a baby 'brother' soon! :) In Shaa Allah

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Friday, March 22, 2013

i am currently listening to Mika - Relax, Take it Easy..over and over again..yes,i am slowly creeping into freaking out phase.sometimes.when i was not doing work or mind trails.and sometimes i become anxious for no reasons.sheeshh!

but alhamdulillah..i am thankful that my work had keep me busy weekends are filled with friends and family time.and yes,i've started running again. YEAY!! and this time no bleed :D alhamdulillah..and i have new partner on weekdays too! FALIHAN! ♥ and old friend from previous workplace.and she brought me to this beautiful place to jog/run.superb view!

 i did not know that they have such nice place here.LOL (duduk sini 3 tahun pun tak tahu ke nyahhh) hehe..and it's kinda fun running with your friend and catching least it helps me destressing..

well,actually..i would say that i am still calm for my wedding preparations..for now.if people asked me how's the preparation, i would say..almost done.everything is booked.make up,photographer,videographer,hall setups,solemnization dais,hantarans,doorgifts,and the catering and stuffs.but the itsy bitsy teeny weenie would be the wedding cards,the guest lists,family dresses,and looking for some wedding shoes.tu je..oh i almost forgot to list out THESE important things! LOL..well,of course i have to attend the Kursus Kahwin first right?? haha yeahh..i have not attended the course yet.i hope it did not totally slipped out of my mind though.but it's ok.i promise i will go this April. once settled..i will start focusing on all the borang-borang which need to be settled for my wedding right? (surat kebenaran bernikah (rashid), HIV test,borang itu,borang ini..hohoho ok dah cuak!) but the list of things to do for the house, for myself and stuffs to get prepared for the new man.haha! none! NADA is done yet..i will look for some furnitures and stuffs.but malas.maybe i will buy it in June or July.i need to get myself to saloon and spas too,but malas! haha semuanya malas.i think i am too busy lazing around :P

please..please give me an advice or that it will boost up my enthusiasm so i can be all psyched and excited but no,please don't stress me up or try to scare me with some bridezilla shits.hehe thanks! have a nice weekend awesome possums! much love xx

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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Alhamdulillah. i am feeling lucky that i am still alive and i have wonderful people around me.i have my family, my friends who are always there for me making me laugh and happy all the time (most of the time of course!) and i have mr fiance who loves me unconditionally (well except when i asked for expensive handbags.LOL) i wish that they will always be by my side and i promise,in Shaa Allah, i will also be by their side if they need me. isn't life is too short to be angry and grumpy about? live love peeps.cos love is all around us ♥

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Monday, March 04, 2013

1) losyen tangan sebab seumur hidup malas gila nak losyen tangan kaki badan semua :P (booooo!! ok chunkie must be laughing at me right now)

2) potong rambut bagi kemas. sebab rambut dan tangled from the haywired mind.haha..sebab rambut tak pernah nak concern sebab alhamdulillah saya berhijab so macam tak berapa nak concern sangat ehhh sebab setakat shampoo je pernah HAHAHA (eh berapa banyak kali sebab??)

3) spa mepa well,i know every girl needs to pamper herself yada yada yada..but, i have my reasons.i have yet gone to any spas becauseeee..i have no time!! i don't have time to spend 4-5 hours of doing nothing *sigh*Sigh* but i will find a time.i will.i promise!

4) diet.haha seriously HAHAHAHA adehh this part is like woahhh! i tried man.i really tried to avoid myself from eating.but oh well,every man every girls pun mesti lah makan kan.but i am in my ideal weight actually.funny is..i'm almost under weight.(ok tipu je! hahahah) but this little body cannot go any thinner ok.i will look ugly (really skinny ugly) cehh alasann..but alhamdulillah, i am back to my previous weight 5 years back ;)

5) getting the house prepped up for the new man *ehem*ehem* well,the house needs a looooott of improvements.and i dun think the drawers or even the walk in wardrobe has ANY space for new clothes.hahahah..ok gonna figure out this later.

so yupe.6 months to go..and i shall add up more on the to do list.well at least i need to strike these out first,right? ;) much love xx

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