Friday, February 22, 2013

hallooo..anyong!! neglecting my blog for a while..been doing i dunno what. but weekends been filled up with weddings,shopping and unnecessary stuffs. do you know i last 'run' for almost urmm last Ramadhan? haha and recently been running with farah. (well actually once) and boy,i lost my tempo.i can still run, but slower rate.pfftt!! sad sad..i used to run at 9.0 and now i'm at 7.5 pfft! and i think it's different when you are running on a treadmill and on uneven terrain. so yeah,i need to catch my tempo back.well my dietitian told me that i musn't run too much since i will start bleed.yes, this old athlete is having this issue with running too much..feminine issues.sounds creepy right.well,that's me.

the reason i've stopped running last year was because i ran too much.yupe,i tell you..running can be addictive you know!~ (kan,farah??) plus, running is like's good for your body and i ran like 5times a week.and my body was telling me that i'm in the constant rate of made my body hmm relax although i am running! HAHA..soo,i need to run faster.the faster i ran,i think this tiny body could not take i decided to slow down on my running :( so sad to say,i am now not running that much anymore..i'm just doing a mild jog once a week.kesian, i know.but in Shaa Allah i will try to run again.maybe at slower pace,to get back my tempo.coz i might join the 5km run for Standard Charted. Hope so!

and so, this week..i might need to try running Shaa Allah..i hope i don't get too addicted cos i need to take care of my body too.i'm getting married in 6 months! can you believe it? time flew like jet plane i'm telling you!! and maybe i don't try to loose weight with too much exercise, but i do try my best to make sure i don't get too lost into yummy food.talking about foodie here! (raise hands) so yeah, i may need to try to keep up with my dear blogger friends too! i need to do alot of things with my apartment, my wedding plans, work and balancing it with my family time. gosh! i'm left with 6months to be single.i know i'm gonna miss my family alot!! i hope i could make full use of this 6months with my Shaa Allah..have a nice weekend! much love xx

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