Friday, January 18, 2013

hey peeps! it's flyyyy dayy!! alhamdulillah..all is well for now.preparations alhamdulillah..i can say that 50% almost done..but i do believe there are still itsy bitsy teenie weenie minor preps that might have i'm preparing for extra months for that one..huhu...

i think my body is telling me that they are in a stressful state. but i'm totally fine outside. i've been drinking loads and loads of water!! i'm telling you, i drank almost 3.5liter a day! sometimes more! and boy,my bladder is super small i guess that i end up going to the loo 10 times a day! pfftt!! wee wee is my super bff! :P and yet........


huuuuu...soooo sakittt!! it's been almost a week now..and i only bought bonjela yesterday.yes,foolish take such a very slow action on this.i think my mouth is heating up..due to stress i guess..but i don't know what am i feeling stressful about..i think work might have been piling up lately.and i am barely sitting in front of the i guess..i need to have a goooood sleep.and have a good i can start a good week ahead.sheeshh..i hope my ulcers get better though..huuuu..have a nice weekend peeps! much love xx

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