Wednesday, January 02, 2013

hey peeps!! happy new yearrrr!! wowww that was a good weekend to end my 2012! :) alhamdulillah,i had an awesome twenty twelve..there's nothing sad to ponder about it..i had an amazing whole year of twenty twelve..Alhamdulillah..i am blessed with every single day given and every breath taken.

in twenty twelve i've lost 5 kilos yeayy!!  and i've also got myself a wee bit promoted (not from the position  yet,though) and i also got myself engaged to the handsomest guy on earth! haha..just kidding.but fair enough,i am the luckiest girl to have u, encik :) and so let twenty twelve past by and let us be in full throttle for twenty thirteen ahead! all aboard!

and so my new resolutions are not that much but i hope we all could achieve this too! ;) a good friend told me, you need to have aim and target so that you know what is the purpose of every single thing you do. well, if you're a carefree person, you might just say "COME WHAT MAYYYYY!!" but i believe in guided setting your goals and unleashing your potential :) lets guide your goals with this method :

S = specific
M = measurable
A = achievable
R = realistic
T = time bound

i learned this from Being Me muslimah conference last year. and I believe, if we live by it, in Shaa Allah, Allah will guide us to success ;) and so my resolutions for this year are not too radical or anything but maybe something that i can at least try to achieve all year long..bismillah 

1) eat more vegetables : i am very very weak at this! i DO eat veggies but i am very i really need to just swallow them all..cause they are good for my body! they are good! they are good! (chanting in my head! lol)

2) drink more water : well, this one is not a problemo for me! haha i even drank more than my body can! butttt..when i started of my day without any plain water, the whole day is NONE existence of any drop of i need to make sure i will drink it every single hour. poof!

3) get married! : yeayy!! in Shaa Allah, this one I will try my best to be prepared for it. haha! gosh exactly will be another 8 months before my big day! 8 months is not too long right? right?? ahhh scaryyy!! but if all is well, i do pray that i won't turn into a bridezilla! :P ameen to that!

4) cook more : i think nowadays people are wasting money eating out.yes agreed that if you're staying alone or just the two of's kinda waste to cook a portion for two.butttt,in my opinion u save a whole lot more cooking.and the best way to have the food inside you is the one you cooked on your own right? at least u know what you put inside every meal ;) good luck on that, Erin!

5) save more : well this one, a confession of a shopaholic. haha! i am not an avid shopper actuallt (uhuk2) buttt..i do shop every least something and boy,i am addicted to online shopping (but recently need to tone down since i'm getting married.pfftt!) so, lets try our best to save a less a small amount of money ok :P

6) spend more quality time with my family : ameeeeenn..on new year's eve we had a small get together with the rest of the family.and for the first time, alhamdulillah, we gathered as a family and i ♥ being around them. they are the funniest and the warmest person you would want in your life. alhamdulillah..i really really hope that this year will be a good start for me to re bond the relationship between my family and i. we are bond with the 'family' ties, but often we forget to have more time spent together as a family. i hope that Allah will always unite our hearts and strengthen our relationship through thick and thins.. what family are for,right?  ;) amin ya rabb..

7) become a better person each and every day : ameenn..i hope that i will always try to improve myself everyday and become a responsible, punctual, patient, tolerant, loving, happy, fun, adventurous and always making thing easier for other people. amin ya rabb. i know that i am very very very VERY impatient person. but i do pray that with a small little change in me will help me to improve myself every single day.i hope that i will make things easier for other people as much as everyone is making things easier for,lets make the world a better place by being nice to others :) i believe kindness in our heart will always bring kindness to other people's heart. (^____^)

so yep,let have an awesome twenty thirteen everyone! peace out and let our happy days leads to an awesome year ahead! much love xx 

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