Monday, January 14, 2013

hey ho! second week of January! bismillah.. :) how was your weekend? mine was well spent with good food and good company ♥ started of my weekend night with chunkie! we had our usual Hokkaido Sushi and boy, i am starting to love this place. they keep on surprise me with succulent and tenderest sushi! and hey! news flash!! i ate SALMON! yeay!! that maki salmon they made was superbly yummilicious! i ate 4 cuts of maki! yeayyyy!! (pororo!)

and had my first hang out at Food Foundry with mama dino and baby dino. yeay!! (pororo!) ok enough pororo..i am too INTO running man lately that i just love funny haroro hehe so anyways, food foundry is a recommended place for nice food and ambiance..the sandwiches..THUMBS UP! and you wouldn't guess where it is situated!

pic courtesy of @vin
yep it's right under the section 17's flat houses area ;) this photo probably taken during the early years of the FF's totally different now. and i love how they put the menu on a coach clipboard! ;) and the rest of the place is just well furbished! :) good job!

this is my club sandwich

this is farah's grilled vege sandwich looks yummy
the coach clipboard menu

farah's happy with her food

this my MOST enthusiastic face.LOL XD

mama dino and baby dino (minum susu.hehe)
i had a lunch date with an old friend too :) Kak Nadiah and Abg Nazmi was my senior when i was in Japan.and it's been almost 9 years! can you believe it?? mashaAllah ..we are still the same though ;) last time when i was in Japan, they only had Nael. now they have Hannah and Nuha :) and they treated me lunch at IKEA.bless both of you =)  and kak nad made me this scrumptious French Vanilla Mille Crepe Cake.sedapppp sangattt!! i recommend you to order from her! ;)

abg nazmi and family :)
ahhh..i miss Japan :(  i wish i could go there again. i miss Spring in Japan..i guess, i hafta wait till the nukes are over :'( oh well,cest la vie! i hope u had an awesome weekend ♥ i can't wait for this whole awesome week. a good friend, Halina is getting hitched! alhamdulillah..and i surely won't miss the wedding. have a nice week ahead peeps! much love xx

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