Tuesday, January 08, 2013

hey peeps! how was your new year? mine was ooohhhseemm!! celebrated my new year's eve with my family and loved ones in Grand Lexis. boy..i totally recommend you this place! i am like the craziest fish swimming non stop in the pool.i love how the interiors were put together and the whole view.i just love it!

don't worry.i actually caught him from his jump.hehe this photo was taken by my sister :)

and i met my super 'young' schoolmates. 20 years and counting! bless you girls.it was the best night of my life (well for start.. ;) ) its been a while since standard 6 that all of us could gather and boy,it was the greatest crowd ever.and i knew that this day will come someday when we look back, we were all small..kidding around.having our first kiss.scandal.getting injured from a baseball bat (LOL) and now, we're mostly married :P and some have kid or two.some are getting pregnant.and some are getting married! masha Allah..how time flew by..

it's nice to have Yasmin all the way from London who's back for only 10days,i believe. and Ranjini! she had been away for awhile.working in New York now and she was back for christmas.it was great! Lam is very pregnant.aliaa is just pregnant.yuni is over pregnant :P hehe i meant she has a kid ;) aysha with two kids! wow!! Lava is doing well with her 'business' :D and i'm getting married! all of us are just too hillarious.i think the restaurant owner is pissed.cos we made a helluva crowd and laughing our lungs out.hahaha!

all in all, i had a great time for the first half of January :) started of with a breakfast with my girls..catching ups and birthday surprise for bluebird ♥ something to cheer her up ;) and we had some cake too! :)

alhamdulillah..i am blessed with the kick start of 2013.hoping for more reunions in future. this time, with more babies on board! have a great week ahead peeps! much love xx

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