Friday, December 28, 2012

hey wrist is fine now.nothing serious.alhamdulillah..and i did not go to the doctor to seek for medications or anything. I just rest my wrists and fingers from Iphone.LOL.they are toooo contagious i tell you :P lappy can't open gmail or even hotmail! i can't access my emails for almost a week! pfftt!! but all is good now :)

and so,the first few weeks of December was pretty hectic with outstations and workacation..weehoo!! went to Gold Coast Morib and it was not bad,peeps! i assure you. we got ourselves a nice room with a hot tub and jacuzzi inside.bestttt!! i even tried the jacuzzi and boy,i had a gooood massage in the water ;) u should try!

and went to some birthday hangouts with love ones.and went to buy some stuffs for our wedding preparation too.Alhamdulillah..i think we've figured out half of them. and we've settled with half the stuffs too! gonna meet our photographer this weekend and lets hope they are giving us the best offer ey ;) been window shopping online for some bags and i dunno..just browsing around. and boy,choosing my handbag for hantaran is sooo tough! went in and out the boutiques for two days.and still,no decision was made yet :(  it's soo tiring,but when you go bag hunting with won't feel tired at all..they are the best at helping you choosing a good one!yeay! love u ma ♥

and i'm also getting some help from Ajudot.holler to ya girl..she's looking forward to help me bag hunting in London.yeay! bless you girl ♥ i will definitely treat you when u come back for Raya k :) soooo many things to do and pejam celik pejam celik,it's the final friday of 2012. And most of ALL! Alhmdulillah, we all survived ;) you do know that you will never know like NEVER know when the world will end right? why stop the time when you actually miss the life in it. *sigh* mayans..watevs! but all in all, let us praise to Allah that there will be another year for all of us.In Shaa Allah.and let us all become a better person and may the year ahead will bring all of us prosperity,love,happiness,peace and no more war. ameen..ya Rabb..

and so, to end this 2012, i will have a short vacay with ma familia! yeayy!! for the first time in Adnan's troopers history, we have the complete dozen!! and i'm also meeting my old schoolmates back when we were 7years old!! yeayy!! can't wait to see my girls..finally meeting the babes,mommy to be and these two lads from US/UK..hmmpph!! they've been away too long! they need to get more taste of Malaysia,ya know ;P so bismillahirrahmanirrahim..lets be happy that 2012 had brought us so much happiness and may 2013 bring us even more :) bring it on!! much love xx

p/s: what's your new year's resolutions? Shaa Allah..will update on next year's post ok :)

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