Wednesday, November 21, 2012

hello peeps!last weekend was awesome! i think i had the longest day off ever well actually i only took one day off on Friday..but my awesome weekend started off since Mondaayyyy! woohooo..i spent most of my day off at mom's and had Deepavali breakfast with ma girls! and went back to work the next day..and watched James Bond on Wednesday night and went to sister's house for a sleepover..aghhhhh i had ♥ ♥ ♥ overload!! i miss my niece!! my one and only niece!!she's like the most adorable cutest little creature on earth!! aghhhh!! hahaha and i'm gonna go to her graduation this weekend! i bet she's gonna be doing her cutest performance ever!! agghhhh too cutee!! too cuteee!!

by the way, when i went to klcc the other day..i was reallyy having a good time! it's been awhile since i last had a girly girl outing :P soo..with my height, hmm barely 5'2" i this shorty needs to put on some heels you on that day..i did not realize that i'm gonna walk for a freaking straight five hours on those heels.well, the heels were barely there actually..i think it was only 2inches heels.but boyyy..first two hours were fine...but the rest of the hours were excruciating walks.haha! but alhamdulillah..i managed to made it through..cause i had some ways of walking 'in pain' hmm something like doing a huge step kinda walk..dah almost terkangkang pun ada! hahahah but yeah..every girls need a nice comfy shoes right? but how do i get a nice comfy shoes but with heights? :P i see those pretty ladies with nice long skirts..wearing pretty high!! envious! how did they walk for long hours??

my friend told me that if i plan to wear heels, make sure that i'm not going for long hours of walking..make sure that i am sitting most of the time in heels..what?? so what are those heels for,then? rugi je tau..pakai cantik-cantik pastu kena duduk :P so i came across these gorgeous melissa shoes! aahhhh..i've always love 'plastic shoes'.. something rubber and jelly.hehe...i used to wear crocs at work.yep, you heard's not those rubber clogs that most people's the one with velvety cover at the outside..but recently my faithful crocs had decided to die on me.not die, but the velvet cover had slowly fell off..something like tarnish..sobsob..these were my shoes.and yes, after 3 years of hardship..they are now my going to pasar shoes :P sayang....

my mccall winter

my lily winter
but look at these!! how can you not love these shoes! Melissa Shoe has just launched their new shop in One Utama! yeayyy!! kampung halaman! :) :) :) and boy,aren't they gorgeous and comfy?? i think every girls need these! at least one! they are gorgeously comfortable i bet you! but i have not yet have the chance to scout for their shoes time *sob*Sob* but i will definitely get this for this coming festive season! yeehaaa!!

these are the vivienne westwood for melissa

i think most of the collection that i like are from the vivienne's hmmm and oh my are these comfy?? and how about this one! i think i don't mind walking in this one! they are all jelly shoes by the way so its super comfy!

these are by jason wu

and perhaps for wedding anyone?
this, my friend, is what every girl needs! ;) aahhhh i just had a shoegasm!!hahahah ok.masuk seringgit dalam tabung sekarang! ;P much love xx

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