Wednesday, November 07, 2012

*cough cough* it has been sucha realllyy cold week for's been raining since saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday..kaboom!! the flu bug bit me.. :(  i was down with a fever from monday night til yesterday.went to get the meds from the clinic.the thing is,i don't know about you..but EVERY SINGLE time i was down with a fever the night before..i will go to the clinic right away the day after..BUTTTT!! the moment i was in the checking room, my temperature was not even above average! i was in the normal temperature. kapishh! i don't know where did all the heat went. i was really hot in the morning, and when i went to meet the doctor..i will only end up with a flu tabs,and some paracetamols and vit C. pfftt!! baik pergi farmasi je camni! :P

but alhamdulillah..after a good rest last night..i am back at work now..i don't like the feverish makes you feel weak and i choose to go back to the office and act like normal (although it is shivering cold in here!!) i hope i had the right pills popping inside you know what is the best supplement or diet foods for your body? well for me, i prefer to choose the right meds/pills according to my blood type. i am type O i was refering to this website :

blood type O positive Diet foods &  Diet foods for type O blood type
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i think it's kinda true though. i have all these symptoms :P well most of it.maybe i have trouble in regulate my thyroid which causing the gaining of weights. (or maybe it's just me eating too much but insyaAllah, if we try to prevent from uninvited is best for us to practice what we believe is good for our body,right? so i need to pile up some veggies into the fridge now.i'm low on the brocoli this week :D and maybe i should try eating 1 cup serving of dry cereals,huh? :) we'll see.

how about you? what is your daily supplement that u been religiously practice everyday? :) maybe you can share with me! perhaps i can add up some new menus into my new cooking skills ;)  have a nice day peeps! much love xx

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