Thursday, November 08, 2012

last saturday we had a small mini gath for fizz ♥ her lovely hubs, Fio made a secret pack with some of the sspian girls to held a surprise gathering for fizz because she had been complaining to her hubs that she hasn't see the girls for ages. and now,with 6months preggy belly..she barely able to get to places where we hung out.sooo..her lovely hubs made a pack with us for over a month for her. the actual plan was to gather at Grafa, Subang. But Grafa was still under renovation on that date, so we decided to choose Delicious at Dua Residency instead.Which is much closer to fizz's house in was funny when we had this group of whatsapp in our phone and fizz's hubby need to secretly hide the whole plan.can u imagine, a husband hiding a mischievous agenda from his beloved wife? a pregnant one! LOL..although we had some clash dates throughout the plans when we actually forgotten that the actual planned date was on Hari Raya Haji! hahahaha..we were too excited for the surprise we almost forgot that everyone needs to balik kampung.

so we decided to do it the week after..well,to even set another date was also of the girls need to wait for her husband to arrive all the way from Muar so he can send her for the of the girls even got a CHESS tournament in the morning.and some might need to cancel due to other plans..but alhamdulillah..we finally booked a date, which was on the 3rd of November.we were all stoked to surprise her and alhamdulillah..most of us were there!yeayy!! and the trickiest part is the grand entrance.we were all sitting with our backs facing her..but eija! hahaha she was the only one sitting facing the entrance.and fizz actually saw her!! LOL but eija was dodging her head trying to ignore fizz..and fizz was like 'oh..ok.maybe it's not eija'..hahahaha!! when her hubby actually brought her to our table..we were all like.."hey fizz..haii..surprisee!!" (^____^)

she was "heyyyy..kenapa semua ada kat sini...??mana ateq" and ateq was actually fiza's husband's so call friend who initially used as a camouflager .her husband dragged her to Delicious just to meet ateq.kononnya nak hantar barang..butttt..there was no was the girls who awaited her there :) besh kan?? so sweet of her husband :D :D :D like sejuta kali!!

so we had a great time catching up..and to our surprise some of the girls are actually having baby number two! yeayyy!! to Eija, Hikma, and Jid! and of cos fizz too! they were also around the same due dates! can u believe it? talking about good old friends,huh :) it was really nice to finally get all together sit and relax..enjoy each other's company.thanks fio for 'feeding' us.we sure did have a great time :) lets plan another one soon,girls! and perhaps in larger group, aye! hehe..have a nice day peeps! much love xx

the cute lil adra waiting to be fed :D

macadamia cheese cake

bff ♥

the awesome husband, fio. sucha loving family kan ♥

us with all preggers

"mama nak makan! mama nak makan!"

adra waving at herself.hehe self potrait

all of us who came! love u girls ♥

me and preggers.opps except inarah (bakal kut)

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